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The use of mirrors has evolved drastically in recent years. It is no longer only seen as a tool that is used when you’re deciding on your outfit or hairstyle. Today, mirrors are all about enhancing your home experience. Thanks to the creation of distinctive frames and styles - mirrors complement the tone of your interior setting in a subtle yet effective manner. 

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  1. Reeve Decorative Wall Mirror 168x107cm
    Special Price AED 163 Regular Price AED 650
  2. Miyu Decorative Mirror Multicolor
    Special Price AED 209 Regular Price AED 279
  3. Erin Wall Mounted Mirror
    Special Price AED 225 Regular Price AED 395
  4. Nyla Wall Mirror
    Special Price AED 321 Regular Price AED 429
  5. Eldrick Round Wall Mirror
    Special Price AED 134 Regular Price AED 179
  6. Leora Wooden Wall Décor Mirror
    Special Price AED 224 Regular Price AED 299
  7. Atilla Decorative Mirror -Natural
    Special Price AED 186 Regular Price AED 249
  8. Milari Wall Leaning Mirror
    Special Price AED 299 Regular Price AED 399
  9. Lorenza Decorative Mirror -Black
    Special Price AED 69 Regular Price AED 99
  10. Chevron Wall Mounted Mirror -Greige
    Special Price AED 131 Regular Price AED 175
  11. Chevron Wall Mounted Mirror -P/Green
    Special Price AED 131 Regular Price AED 175

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Home décor is incomplete without the use of mirrors. There are several ways to incorporate mirrors into a home design. More than just checking your reflection mirrors will spruce up dreary corners or corridors by framing them right.

What's more? Mirrors have the ability to enhance and transform the aesthethics of a room, add depth and even improve the lighting instantly. Its stunning design can upgrade your space to give an elegant finish. 

With OC Home's vast selection of mirrors, you can add beauty, light and dimension to any room seamlessly. Check out our enchanting online mirror collections today to find your match!