Complete your bedroom with our hand-picked collection of chests of drawers. Select the one that suits you, your clothes and your space just the way you like. Featuring trend-setting designs, OC Home brings you the perfect match for your wardrobe that comes in all sizes, ideal for any bedroom setting.

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  1. Lowel 3 Door Wardrobe White/Pink
    Special Price AED1,949 Regular Price AED2,599
  2. Tretton 6 Door Wardrobe Natural
    Special Price AED1,499 Regular Price AED1,999
  3. Tretton 4 Door Wardrobe Natural
    Special Price AED974 Regular Price AED1,299
  4. Marlie 6 Door Wardrobe
    Special Price AED1,500 Regular Price AED2,999
  5. Argent 6 Door Wardrobe Walnut
    Special Price AED3,450 Regular Price AED5,750
  6. Steven 4 Door Wardrobe Natural
    Special Price AED3,337 Regular Price AED4,450


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Wardrobes, a blessing in disguise can reshape your conventional room space into a contemporary, sleek and sophisticated residence. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, your closet should provide enough room for all your garments and accessories, and OC Home has just what you need.

What is Wardrobe Furniture?

A wardrobe is a big cabinet that primarily serves storage purposes; it often has shelves, hangers, drawers, and a mirror. When organizing your closet, it's best to stack comparable items and use all your space. Customize your wardrobe's shelves and drawers as needed to accommodate all of your belongings.

Different Wardrobe Cabinet Designs,

  - Hinged Door Wardrobe.
  - Free-standing Wardrobe.
  - Marlie 6 Door Wardrobe.
  - Sliding Door Wardrobe. 
  - Wardrobe with Mirror. 
  - Argent 6 Door Wardrobe Walnut.
  - Walk-In Wardrobe. 
  - Glenn Swivel Dresser Whitewash.
  - Customized wardrobe.

How to land on a perfect wardrobe,

  - A wardrobe's aesthetics and appearance.
  - Creating a walk-in wardrobe with a custom layout.
  - Pick between a custom-made and a ready-made wardrobe.
  - The size of the wardrobe
  - The material of the wardrobe.
  - The style of the wardrobe door.
  - The practicality of the wardrobe space.
  - Budget of the wardrobe.

Why Choose OC Home's Wooden Wardrobe?

Make the most of your wardrobe space and choose ‘The One’ wardrobe you always wanted in your room space. OC Home offers incredible wardrobe selections for you to fall back on. You may visit our excellent range of wardrobe collections and choose the perfect wardrobe for you!