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  1. Vivanti Bench Beige
    Special Price AED 299 Regular Price AED 399
  2. Roina Bench Beige
    Special Price AED 2,099 Regular Price AED 2,799
  3. Roina Bench Ivory
    Special Price AED 2,099 Regular Price AED 2,799
  4. Silvi Bench Charcoal
    Special Price AED 374 Regular Price AED 499
  5. Sullen Chaise Sand
    Special Price AED 1,685 Regular Price AED 2,250
  6. Madelaine Bench Whitewash
    Special Price AED 909 Regular Price AED 1,399
  7. Avey Bench Pink
    Special Price AED 299 Regular Price AED 499
  8. Nook Bench Sage
    Special Price AED 959 Regular Price AED 1,599
  9. Luana Bench Beige
    Special Price AED 261 Regular Price AED 349
  10. Lizzy Bench Brown
    Special Price AED 1,649 Regular Price AED 2,199
  11. Alvin Left Chaise Grey
    Special Price AED 1,350 Regular Price AED 2,699
  12. Sullen Chaise Grey
    Special Price AED 1,685 Regular Price AED 2,250
  13. Ravene Chaise Right Beige
    Special Price AED 1,650 Regular Price AED 3,299

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Chaise & Benches

A beautiful outdoor courtyard is incomplete without comfortable seating to kick up your feet on, sunbathe, or read a book. Therein lies the significance of the chaise couch. In modern furniture design, the chaise is often seen at the end of a sectional sofa or, less frequently, as a freestanding long chair.

What are Chaise & Benches?

A chaise bench, also known as a chaise lounge, is an upholstered couch that takes the form of a chair with enough length that one may stretch out. Chaise, a French interior design term, denotes "long chair" in English. It completes the aesthetic of a living room by providing a spot for people to stretch out in a semi-lying posture while watching TV.

Things to Consider For Buying Chaise Lounge Bench

  - Find the perfect size. 
  - Ensure that you are entirely at ease.
  - Consider its aesthetic value.
  - Choose the most appropriate style variant.
  - Structural material.

Benefits of Chaise Benches

  - It makes the atmosphere relaxed and inviting.
  - Facilitates more seating while reducing clutter.
  - Lightweight and convenient for easy transport.
  - It can be used as a sleeper couch or sectional sofa. 

Why Buy Chaise Lounge Benches from OC Home?

The timeless style of OC Home chaises and benches is complemented by its adaptability, which includes colour and material combinations with dramatic aesthetic effects. You can get exclusive and amazingly functional Chaise Lounge Benches to complement your admired interior from OC Home.