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Complete your bedroom with our hand-picked collection of chests of drawers. Select the one that suits you, your clothes and your space just the way you like. Featuring trend-setting designs, OC Home brings you the perfect match for your wardrobe that comes in all sizes, ideal for any bedroom setting.

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  1. Terreno Chest of 5 Drawer Brown
    Special Price AED 1,499 Regular Price AED 1,999
  2. Mavie Chest of 6 Drawers Light Walnut
    Special Price AED 2,849 Regular Price AED 3,799
  3. Mavie Chest of 5 Drawers Light Walnut
    Special Price AED 2,849 Regular Price AED 3,799
  4. Lowel Chest of 3 Drawers White/Pink
    Special Price AED 1,049 Regular Price AED 1,399
  5. Elton Chest Of 5 Drawer Walnut
    Special Price AED 1,124 Regular Price AED 1,499
  6. Verdo 6 Drawers Dresser Brown
    Special Price AED 2,249 Regular Price AED 2,999
  7. Verdo Chest Of 4 Drawers Brown
    Special Price AED 1,724 Regular Price AED 2,299
  8. Tretton Chest Of 5 Drawers Natural
    Special Price AED 389 Regular Price AED 649
  9. Marlie Chest of 5 Drawer
    Special Price AED 360 Regular Price AED 899


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Chest Of Drawers

All about getting that extra space at home? A chest of drawers is your go-to! These spacious pieces of home furniture in dubai are a great way to keep your dresser and your bedroom clutter-free. Apart from getting ample storage, they are excellent for keeping your clothes separated and organised! Chests of drawers are an essential part of any bedroom sets, and they should be durable, functional and aesthetically pleasing. 

At OC Home, each piece of furniture has been carefully crafted to complement the essence of your space, making it more inviting! 

The idea is to create something practical - a convenient place for storage to get a mess-free home. The most important part while shopping for a chest of drawers online is to ensure that it has enough drawers based on your needs. We’ve put together a range of our favourite chests of drawers in UAE, so go on and choose the one that suits you today!