A bathroom is undeniably one of the most important spaces that help to rejuvenate and uplift yourself! Choosing the right bathroom accessories is important to not only elevate its interiors but also to help you unwind at all times instantly! Here is a quick glance at some of the basic must-have bathroom accessories UAE collection that is required for every home.

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  1. Jaziel Tumbler
    Special Price AED20 Regular Price AED29
  2. Lena Soap Dish 11x11x2.6cm
    Special Price AED31 Regular Price AED45
  3. Lena Glass Cup With Marble Base
    Special Price AED33 Regular Price AED60
  4. Arla Soap Dish
    Special Price AED17 Regular Price AED25
  5. Royce Toothbrush Holder
    Special Price AED17 Regular Price AED25
  6. Arla Cotton Jar With Lid
    Special Price AED24 Regular Price AED35
  7. Kyler Toothbrush Holder
    Special Price AED17 Regular Price AED25
  8. Arla Tooth Brush Holder
    Special Price AED17 Regular Price AED25
  9. Armony Soap Dish 12.7x8.8x2cm
    Special Price AED10 Regular Price AED15
  10. Joel Tumbler
    Special Price AED48 Regular Price AED69
  11. Kyler Soap Dish
    Special Price AED13 Regular Price AED19
  12. Joel Soap Dish
    Special Price AED52 Regular Price AED75
  13. Kyler Tumbler
    Special Price AED17 Regular Price AED25

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Essential Bathroom Accessories For Every Home 

Bathroom set

A bathroom set is one of the first things that comes to mind when you think about bathroom accessories Dubai designs. Typically consisting of toothbrush holders, soap dispensers, soap bars and even a small garbage bin - the bathroom set is one of the most fundamental, yet vital aspects for every home.  

Towel rack

Simple yet essential - towel rack also falls on top of the mandatory bathroom accessories list that is necessary for your everyday life. Be it for yourself or your loved ones, this design provides an instant multifunctional solution for placing not only your towels but even your clothes as well! 

Bath rug

One of the signature bathroom accessories that you can find today is the bath rug! From drying out your feet every time you step in and out of the bathroom to placing it as a style statement - a bath rug helps to bring your bathroom interiors together. It is soft, cosy and simply functional! 


The last piece that will pull your bathroom together is a mirror! As a part of the bathroom accessories, this is the central and functional element that will help complete the interiors. Explore and find different forms, shapes and intricate detailing to not only set a statement in your bathroom but also to reflect yourself as you get ready! 

Now that you know the fundamentals, take one step forward to explore our bathroom accessories online collection to find everything you love. From traditional to urban, grandeur designs and more - we’ve got them all for you to get that awe-inspiring finish!