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Get inspired to redefine the most integral part of your home - the kitchen and dining space. From hand-picking your fav table linens and accessories to cookware, dinnerwear, kitchen gadgets and more - we bring you a mix of all things simple yet elegant, helping you carry the true essence of your home just the way you like

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  1. Tomasa Dinner Plate 26cm
    Special Price AED8 Regular Price AED12
  2. Sea Pearl Dinner Plate 26cm
    Special Price AED8 Regular Price AED12
  3. Tomasa Bowl 15cm
    Special Price AED7 Regular Price AED10
  4. Cira Glass Cake Dome
    Special Price AED76 Regular Price AED109
  5. Tomasa Side Plate 21cm
    Special Price AED6 Regular Price AED9
  6. Sea Pearl Side Plate 21cm
    Special Price AED6 Regular Price AED9
  7. Shaya Oval Ceramic Bowl Set Of 6pcs
    Special Price AED62 Regular Price AED89
  8. Velary Bowl 12cm
    Special Price AED7 Regular Price AED10
  9. Shaya Dipping Bowl Set Of 6pcs 9cm
    Special Price AED41 Regular Price AED59
  10. Shaya Yinyang Dipping Bowl Set Of 6pcs
    Special Price AED34 Regular Price AED49
  11. Shaya Ceramic Plate Set Of 6pcs 7cm
    Special Price AED34 Regular Price AED49
  12. Shaya Round Dipping Bowl Set Of 6pcs
    Special Price AED34 Regular Price AED49
  13. Shaya Ceramic Bowl Set Of 6pcs
    Special Price AED41 Regular Price AED59
  14. Lawson Serving Dish 30cm
    Special Price AED41 Regular Price AED59
  15. Enyo Oil Cruet -150ml
    Special Price AED6 Regular Price AED9
  16. Shaya Dipping Bowl With Handle Set Of 6pcs
    Special Price AED24 Regular Price AED35
  17. Shaya Ceramic Bowl 19
    Special Price AED27 Regular Price AED39
  18. Shaya Snack Bowl Set Of 2pcs
    Special Price AED20 Regular Price AED29

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Picking The Right Kitchen and Dining Set

The kitchen without a doubt is the heart of every home! From storage compartments and accessories to cookware, dinnerware and more - all of these factors help bring your home together! And with a little bit of planning and organizing, you can create a beautiful kitchen & dining space with OC Home. Here are some of the items to tick off your bucket list!


Dinnerware is one of the essential pieces in your house. We have a wide range of dinnerware collections ideal for any occasion. Whether you are looking for everyday-use dinnerware that will complement your interiors or something classy for dinner parties - we have them all covered!

Kitchen Mats

Personalizing your kitchen with a kitchen mat adds a nice touch to your space. Not only will it help keep your cooking station clean and tidy, but it also creates a non-slip and safe surface in the kitchen.

All Cookware

Do you know what goes well with a meal? A good set of cookware. Now cook everything from sweet to savory and give a treat to your eyes with our modern yet functional cookware collection.

Table Lining and Accessories

OC Home’s table linens and accessories are beautifully designed to add warmth, elegance, and character to your dinner table. Carefully curated from the latest trends and colors - you can easily mix and match to give an instant lift!


Serveware can become extremely handy to make any get-together a successful one! Whether you’re looking for the ideal serving dish or tray - we have got them for all taste buds. Carry steaming food and drinks without creating a mess without stylish serveware!


We have a wide variety of drinkware collections to help you create the perfect dining experience. Whether you're toasting to a celebration, having a mocktail or indulging in a cup of hot chocolate - we have got designs for every occasion!


Storage containers are one of the essential yet often overlooked kitchen and dining essentials. Enjoy a clutter-free experience while you cook your fav meal. Stack up your cutleries, spices, cooking oil and more in order with our handy kitchen storage solution.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

1. What are the items that every kitchen must-have?

Let's have a look at some of the necessities for your kitchen Dinnerware, Kitchen Mats, All Cookware, Serveware, Drinkware and Storage units. OC Home's kitchen homeware line has everything you need to give your kitchen a new look.

2. Is it possible to return the product if damaged during delivery?

Yes. If any purchased items are damaged during delivery, a replacement or refund will be processed once confirmed by our team. T&C Apply.

3. What are the different storage options provided for both the kitchen and dining room?

Everyone should be able to make and serve meals in a clutter-free kitchen and dining area. Take a look at some of the options for storing the available things for you.

- Jars
- Egg Holders
- Canisters
- Trays 
- Serving carts

OC Home's kitchen storage solution is ideal for storing cutlery, spices, tissues, cooking oil, and other kitchen essentials.

4. What are the essentials to consider for the kitchen?

The best way to keep your kitchen neat is with kitchen essentials. Some of these items might help with chopping, slicing, and even preserving foods.

The following are a few things to keep in mind while you set up your kitchen:

- Cabinets
- Storage
- Cookware
- Serve and drinkware
- Kitchen Mats
- Utensils
- Measuring spoons & cups
- Garbage Disposal