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Entertainment units and cabinets, without a doubt, adds significant value to your living room experience. Make your space pop by choosing from our sleek yet elegant collection of units and cabinets. Find your true match from our unique designs to pair your furniture with a touch of your persona!

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  1. Riya Media Unit Light Grey
    Special Price AED 1,274 Regular Price AED 1,699
  2. Keilin Media Unit White
    Special Price AED 1,349 Regular Price AED 1,799
  3. Armand Media Unit Black
    Special Price AED 974 Regular Price AED 1,299
  4. Grayson Media Unit Multi
    Special Price AED 1,199 Regular Price AED 1,599
  5. Riya Side Board Light Grey
    Special Price AED 1,499 Regular Price AED 1,999
  6. Armand Side Board Black
    Special Price AED 974 Regular Price AED 1,299
  7. Grayson Side Board Multi
    Special Price AED 1,574 Regular Price AED 2,099
  8. Kiana TV Unit Whitewash
    Special Price AED 3,224 Regular Price AED 4,299
  9. Tenny Side Board II Grey
    Special Price AED 498 Regular Price AED 995
  10. Ayrin TV Unit Black
    Special Price AED 2,099 Regular Price AED 2,799
  11. Verdo Side Board Brown
    Special Price AED 1,949 Regular Price AED 2,599


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Every home's focal point is the living room. It leaves a lasting impression on every person that visits your house. So it's only natural that you want it to seem flawless. By making the place seem neat and organized, TV cabinets significantly enhance the appearance and ambience of the room.

Modern TV stands have come a long way with their design, from sleek glass to gleaming panels. A TV cabinet's elegant design and exterior make it an excellent furniture piece for contemporary and trendy modern settings.

At OC Home, find the most suitable designs at an affordable price. You can now browse through our selection of living room TV unit designs to find your match today.