Now accessorize your living space with a touch of your personality with OC Home cushion and covers! Combine your unique taste with our elegant collection to bring out the best of both worlds! Filter out by material, size, colour and design to grab your fav today!

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  1. Devin Cotton Filled Cushion -Ivory
    Special Price AED 111 Regular Price AED 149
  2. Stellan Emb. Printed Cushion
    Special Price AED 74 Regular Price AED 99
  3. Elaria Emb. Cushion I
    Special Price AED 66 Regular Price AED 89
  4. Tomillo Emb. Cushion 30x50cm
    Special Price AED 59 Regular Price AED 79
  5. Dinosaurum Deco Cushion Mint 60cm
    Special Price AED 40 Regular Price AED 99
  6. Elefantessa Knitted Cushion
    Special Price AED 62 Regular Price AED 89
  7. Dinosauro Knitted Cushion
    Special Price AED 51 Regular Price AED 69
  8. Lama Knitted Decor Cushion Blush
    Special Price AED 28 Regular Price AED 69
  9. Kitties Knitted Decor Cushion
    Special Price AED 32 Regular Price AED 79
  10. Octo Knitted Cushion
    Special Price AED 48 Regular Price AED 69
  11. Davey Linen Cushion Navy Blue
    Special Price AED 69 Regular Price AED 99

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Being able to step into your house and feel at ease is an experience one looks forward to after a long day. Cushions are an easy way to make your space feel welcoming and light. What's more? Adding the right cushion covers complements your home and makes your interiors stand out instantly. You'll be surprised at how much impact it can have on your space.

If you prefer the traditional look, one or two pairs of matching cushion covers can be placed at the ends of your furniture. On the other hand, if you prefer a more cosy look - adding 3 to 5 cushions can just do the trick! Mix and match the cushion covers to give a contrasting and alluring finish. 

With OC Home cushions and coverings, you can now personalize your living environment by adding a dash of your style! Combine your taste with our refined assortments to create a unique look! To find your favourite, sort the covers by material, size, colour, and design.