We know what you’re thinking, how can there possibly be any material for a kitchen mat that would work for the space? But you’d be surprised with our answers! Choosing the right fibres for your kitchen rugs matter to not only only to adorn your interiors but to ensure durability as well! Check out our rundown of materials worth considering when buying kitchen mat UAE designs!

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Choosing A Kitchen Mat


Nylon being a synthetic material, makes it ideal to be used as a kitchen mat. It is easy to clean and not to mention very strong - therefore long lasting to a high amount of footfall as well! What’s more? Nylon can also resist staining, making it one of the best kitchen mats option for a busy environment.


Polyester comes on the top of our bucket list for one of the most suitable kitchen floor mats mterial! It is resistant to fading, easy and quick to dry and is resistant to water-based stains. Considering that it is man-made, polyester is usually blended with another fibre. It is closest kitchen mat material to wool in both look and feel. 


Polypropylene, like Polyester is another man-made fibre, making it most resistant to staining and water. It is a very tough material because of which it can be taken as one of the most durable kitchen mats in the market. 


Seagrass is a natural fibre that is suitable for being used as a kitchen mat. The material is hard-wearing and extremely resistant to staining. Though it not the softest material, it is works perfectly as a small decorative kitchen mat. 


If you’re looking for something long-term, bamboo kitchen mat material is your go-to! It is hard-wearing and extremely durable, not mention gives a beautiful polished setting as well! These kitchen mats are harvested responsibly and brings a lovely finishing as well!