While there are plenty of fabrics that have gained popularity over the years, there is one that proved to be resilient to changes in fashion - and that’s linen!

Linen is considered to be one of the oldest fabrics in the world in use since the time of ancient Egyptian civilization. Though there is no such demand for wrapping up mummies or weaving into armour like in the past, it is still a fundamental element seen today in the world of home furnishing! Explore our reasons why home linen is a must-have fabric for your space!

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  1. Marla Travel Organiser-Medium
    Special Price AED 20 Regular Price AED 39
  2. Suzan Filled Cushion -50x50cm
    Special Price AED 41 Regular Price AED 59
  3. Alwyn Toned Filled Cushion
    Special Price AED 12 Regular Price AED 69
  4. Avaya Embroidered Cushion mULTI
    Special Price AED 50 Regular Price AED 99
  5. Larena Embellished Cushion-50x50cm
    Special Price AED 69 Regular Price AED 99
  6. Davey Cushion With Fringes Pastel Blue
    Special Price AED 65 Regular Price AED 129
  7. Devin Cotton Filled Cushion -Ivory
    Special Price AED 89 Regular Price AED 149
  8. Stellan Emb. Printed Cushion
    Special Price AED 59 Regular Price AED 99
  9. Kierans Leather Filled Cushion-50x50cm
    Special Price AED 104 Regular Price AED 149
  10. Dinosaurum Deco Cushion Mint 60cm
    Special Price AED 40 Regular Price AED 99
  11. Kitties Knitted Decor Cushion
    Special Price AED 32 Regular Price AED 79
  12. Elefantessa Knitted Cushion
    Special Price AED 53 Regular Price AED 89
  13. Dinosauro Knitted Cushion
    Special Price AED 41 Regular Price AED 69
  14. Octo Knitted Cushion
    Special Price AED 41 Regular Price AED 69
  15. Davey Linen Cushion Navy Blue
    Special Price AED 59 Regular Price AED 99
  16. Emorie Cushion W/Fringes -50x50cm
    Special Price AED 77 Regular Price AED 129
  17. Davey Linen & Jute Cushion Pastel Grey
    Special Price AED 75 Regular Price AED 149
  18. Davey Cushion With Fringes Grey
    Special Price AED 65 Regular Price AED 129
  19. Davey Linen Cushion Sage
    Special Price AED 59 Regular Price AED 99
  20. Davina Embroidered Cushion -30x50cm
    Special Price AED 77 Regular Price AED 129
  21. Winley Embroidered Cushion -30x50cm
    Special Price AED 77 Regular Price AED 129
  22. Kina Filled Cushion
    Special Price AED 35 Regular Price AED 59
  23. Alwyn Arcade Filled Cushion
    Special Price AED 12 Regular Price AED 69
  24. Kanto Emb. Filled Cushion -30x50cm
    Special Price AED 64 Regular Price AED 99
  25. Haskins Filled Cushion -50x50cm
    Special Price AED 62 Regular Price AED 89
  26. Berno Filled Cushion -30x50cm
    Special Price AED 67 Regular Price AED 95
  27. Vanessa Filled Cushion -50x50cm
    Special Price AED 81 Regular Price AED 115

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Why Home Linen Is The Right Fabric For Your Space

Home linen is durable

Believe it or not, linen is three times as strong as cotton! And if you’re planning to buy fabric for your interiors, it needs to be something long-lasting and easily washed with zero hassle! Our home linen online collection is suitable for such use. Be it tablecloths, bedding or napkins- our home linen series brings you affordable designs that can be used for a long period. 

Home linen requires minimum care

Another reason that makes home linen perfect for your space is its need for very little care. The fabric gives a classic and elegant appearance on its own and not to mention looks great, whether ironed or not! Moreover, home linen being suitable year-round makes it apt for all weather conditions! Pillowcases, tablecloths and duvet covers are some of the homeware home linen online designs that you can start exploring with us! 

Home Linen adds texture

Home linen grabs instant attention from any corner of the room because of its beautiful texture. And when its slightly rough feel is layered with other smooth fabrics - it enables you to play around with materials in different ways in your bedroom, lounge or dining room. While there are many patterns and colours - it is the natural home linen colour liked by many and has a lot of demand today. 

Home Linen is eco-friendly

What makes our home linen online collection stand out when compared to other materials is its environment-friendly attribute! It is the go-to option for anyone suffering from allergies or skin conditions as it's anti-allergenic and mildew-resistant - a reason why home linen towel series are so popular today!

Frequently Asked Questions:-

1. Which is the best fabric suitable for a table?

These are some of the finest and most popular fabrics for the table:

- Cotton
- Polyester
- Polycotton 
- Organza
- Burlap
- Vinyl
- Satin
- Damask

2. Should I wash my bed linen before I use it? 

Absolutely. It is highly recommended to wash bed linens before using them. For people with sensitive skin or allergies, sheets can irritate the skin, eyes, and even lungs, so cleaning them first becomes necessary. 

3. Where do you typically use linen at home?

There are a wide variety of household linen products, including tablecloths, upholstery and soft furnishings. Home items that frequently use linen:

- Curtains and draperies
- Bed linen 
- Table linen 
- Bathroom linen

OC Home has you covered when it comes to linen for bedding, tablecloths, floor mats, and more.

4. What are the qualities of linen fabric?

Linen fabric is lighter, sturdier, and shinier than cotton, ideal for summer attire. In addition, it becomes softer with each wash. Wet linen is considered more durable than dry one; it is resistant to moths and dirt. 

5. Is linen fabric durable?

Yes. Flax fibres are used to make linen fabric. In the textile and apparel industry, flax has been used for thousands of years, and linen is still widely used because it is incredibly robust, stain-resistant, and can tolerate a lot of domestic wear and tear.