Are you in the search of finding all your bathroom and laundry accessories? Well, you come to the right page! Go step by step to unfold all our latest collections that you need to have to create the perfect bath environment. From towels to bath sets, shower curtains and more - we have covered everything that you need to build your personal space with a touch of your personality.

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  1. Karla Storage Basket
    Special Price AED20 Regular Price AED25
  2. Karl Laundry Hamper
    Special Price AED140 Regular Price AED175
  3. Karl indiana Laundry Hamper
    Special Price AED100 Regular Price AED125
  4. Karl Storage Basket
    Special Price AED40 Regular Price AED50
  5. Lee Cotton Jar
    Special Price AED28 Regular Price AED35
  6. Zora Tooth Brush Holder
    Special Price AED20 Regular Price AED25
  7. Andi Soap Dish
    Special Price AED16 Regular Price AED20
  8. Andi Tumbler
    Special Price AED16 Regular Price AED20
  9. Lee Tooth Brush Holder
    Special Price AED20 Regular Price AED25
  10. Liv Mirror
    Special Price AED52 Regular Price AED65
  11. Nala Mirror
    Special Price AED60 Regular Price AED75

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Bath and Laundry Accessories For Every Home

The bathroom is a highly personal space, so it's essential to make it feel like home by adding some decorative touches. Whether you're looking for a bathroom accessory set or collection to mix and match - our laundry accessories have got you covered.

Some of our must-have bathroom accessories include towels, soap dispensers and bath mats. Check out the different combinations we offer to personalize and style your bathroom your way!

Bathroom Storage

You can keep your bathroom organized and free up space with the proper storage. OC Home brings you a range of bathroom storage designs that is trendy and functional. From laundry hampers and waste bins to organizers & more - we give compact and practical solutions.

Bathroom Accessories

Choosing the right bathroom accessories will help you save time and make your life easier. It elevates the look of your bathroom instantly! More importantly, it enables you to unwind after having a long tiring day. Be it mats or dispensers - discover what you love with us today.

Bathroom Cabinet and Mirrors

A well-designed bathroom can set a mood instantly. Bathroom cabinets and mirrors can make your bathroom look luxurious yet space-saving perfect for everyday use. Explore all our options with a click of a button.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

1. What are the essential accessories required for a bathroom?

These are some essential bathroom accessories:

- Bathroom Storage
- Cabinet & Mirrors
- Towels holders and Bathrobe hooks 
- Soap dishes and dispensers
- Grab bars
 -Toilet paper roll and brush holders

2. How to select the perfect mirror for the bathroom?

Proportion is the key to a well-designed bathroom. Mirrors should be large enough to see yourself clearly, but not so enormous that it takes up a lot of space. Consider vanity size while buying since most mirrors are located above it. 

3. How can I maximise space in the bathroom?

Space-Saving Tips for Your Bathroom:

- The vanity should be streamlined
- Get rid of unnecessary items
- Hidden and wall storage should be added
- Hang basket shelves
- Towels should be rolled, not folded, to save time and effort
- Use hooks to hang your essentials
- Add storage to cabinets
- Use organizers in the bathroom