A good serveware can become extremely handy to make any get-together a successful one! Whether you’re looking for the ideal serving dish or tray - we have got them for all taste buds. Carry steaming food and drinks without creating a mess without stylish serveware! Grab your fav today.

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  1. Hanson Hot Pot With Lid -2500ml
    Special Price AED265 Regular Price AED379
  2. Rorik Dessert Stand -Black
    Special Price AED48 Regular Price AED69
  3. Larisa Serving Set of 13pcs
    Special Price AED62 Regular Price AED89
  4. Ola Dessert Stand -Walnut
    Special Price AED38 Regular Price AED55
  5. Deane Dessert Stand 25x31cm
    Special Price AED34 Regular Price AED49
  6. Malene Serving Dish Beige
    Special Price AED41 Regular Price AED59
  7. Malene Serving Dish Ecru
    Special Price AED41 Regular Price AED59
  8. Lenka Ceramic Fruit Basket
    Special Price AED48 Regular Price AED69
  9. Malene Serving Dish 25.5cm
    Special Price AED55 Regular Price AED79
  10. Amadeo Snack Platter Set
    Special Price AED41 Regular Price AED59
  11. Larisa Amuse Set of 4pcs
    Special Price AED41 Regular Price AED59
  12. Larisa Serving Set of 7pcs
    Special Price AED48 Regular Price AED69
  13. Larisa Amuse Set of 9pcs
    Special Price AED48 Regular Price AED69

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Food served in elegantly designed serveware indeed appear more delicious. Even something as simple as fruit looks more palatable when presented in impressive serveware. Serving dishes and trays can make a huge difference to the overall dining experience, especially when hosting dinner parties or family gatherings. After all, a good meal does not just involve satisfying your taste buds; it should look visually appealing too! 

Serving great snacks and dips on well-chosen trays and serving dishes provides a feast for your appetite and your eyes. Whatever the setting, whether informal or formal, classic or modern, your choice of plates, bowls, and other tabletop accents serves as the starting point for your meal.

Choosing the appropriate serveware sets is all about matching your tableware to how you want to dine and entertain. In order to choose a reasonable option, you must consider the aesthetic and functionality of your home.

Check out our collection of fine serveware online that will help elevate your dishes to a whole new level. Buying serveware online can be a year-round game changer: for family gatherings, picnics, summer barbecues, and all formal or even festive events. OC Home gives you the latest and most gorgeous serveware online for you to choose from.