Complete your home with our immersive collection of plush floor coverings! Set a trend with our latest series of rugs, carpets and even doormats to accessorize your interiors just the way you’ve always imagined! Whether you’re looking for something simple, luxurious or vintage - OC Home has got you covered!

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  1. Ron Handwoven Rug 160x230cm
    Special Price AED316 Regular Price AED395
  2. Malta Carpet
    Special Price AED260 Regular Price AED325
  3. Mehari Carpet
    Special Price AED260 Regular Price AED325
  4. Leland Flatwave Rug
    Special Price AED780 Regular Price AED975
  5. Aaron Handtuffted Rug
    Special Price AED1,036 Regular Price AED1,295
  6. Kris Handtuffted Rug
    Special Price AED760 Regular Price AED950
  7. Desert Handtuffted Rug
    Special Price AED716 Regular Price AED895
  8. Leanna Handtuffted Rug
    Special Price AED796 Regular Price AED995

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Trends change, but our home stays the same. Now keep your home fresh and lively for every season with the help of stunning floor coverings!

Changing the flooring with carpets, rugs, and doormats can be a budget-friendly method to elevate your interiors. A floor carpet or rug instantly changes the look and feel of a room by adding definition, warmth, and colour.

What's more? Flooring sets the first impression and creates a sense of comfort for your guests and loved ones as they step into your space. Choosing the right door rug is essential to maintain this soothing ambience. Check out the carpet mats by OC Home and start experimenting with your floor covering to give your space an instant upgrade!