Eat, sleep, live a mid-century modern lifestyle with OC Home. With the unique mix of contemporary minimalistic designs, we are thrilled to offer you a collection of furniture that brings out the best of your persona! Check out our exciting creations that feature furniture suitable for living room, dining space, bedroom and lots more that cater to all your taste buds!

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Shopping Furniture Online With OC Home

Furniture is the centre of any space in your home. Whether it is a table for a meal or an armchair to relax in - your furniture sets the room's ambience and personality. 

What's more? Buying furniture online is convenient and saves time. And if you're looking for the right store to kickstart your shopping experience, then OC Home is the way to go! 

We bring you the best furniture store online, with a wide range of collections to select, based on your choice! You can have high-end furniture built from the finest materials. When you buy furniture online from OC Home, you know you're investing in a long-lasting design that will bring value to your home. Here is a quick look into the must-have collection when you buy furniture online in UAE.


Get the perfect bedroom look with our collection of bedroom furniture to suit your taste. Our assortment of bedroom furniture is carefully curated with everything you need, like bed frames and mattresses, so you can get that sleek and immaculate look you've been dreaming of.

Living Room

Spruce up your living room with high-end furniture built of the finest materials. We have a diverse range of furniture, seating, tables, and décor that will allow you to create your ideal living room setting. These pieces will bring comfort to your house with them, so they're perfect to start with.

Dining Room

The dining room is the heart of the house. The furniture in it sets the tone for the entire space. And with an expansive array of diverse seating, tables, and decorating options that include everything from contemporary to rustic, there are endless possibilities for your ideal dining room design.

Seating and Sofa

Our seating furniture is made with materials that blend the effortless minimalism of today’s trends and function seamlessly with modernity. We have an extensive range of seating furniture, including ottomans, armchairs, and sofas, so you can feel the difference. Our chairs and sofas are made with the highest quality materials to be durable without compromising on aesthetics.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

1. How to choose the best modern furniture for home?

Consider these factors while choosing furniture pieces to elevate your home with the best modern lifestyle. 


- Pick a suitable design theme 

- Understand your furniture requirements

- Select quality furniture material

- Learn about your room space

- Take a second opinion or advice from experts

- Stick to the budget

2. What are some of the main characteristics of mid-century modern furniture?

In contemporary interior design, mid-century modern furniture has become highly popular. Let's take a glimpse at some of its main characteristics:

- Clean lines with a mix of both organic and geometric shapes
- Contradicting material and texture 
- Combination of organic and handmade materials
- Minimal ornamentation 
- Use of neutral and bold colours
- Adding a little bit of nature indoors

3. What is the most important furniture I should have at home?

While there are so many options, here is a list of some of the most essential mid-century modern furniture items you must have to bring out the best of your space are Sofa, Coffee table, Chest Of Drawers, Armchair, Stool & Ottomans, Dining room table and chair, Nightstand, Outdoor table, Stool & Ottomans, Entertainment Units & Cabinets and Book Shelves. Check out some of the finest collections of modern contemporary furniture at OC Home.

4. How do I choose the right size of furniture for my home?

To determine the right size of furniture for your home, consider the following aspects:

- Measure your space and plan the layout of the rooms as per your preferred style.
- Consider every room’s doorways, windows, closets, and built-ins; measure the wall height and windowsill height.
- Consider lighting fixtures and electrical outlets, so the furniture doesn’t cover them.
- Finally, ensure the furniture is the perfect size to enter your home upon delivery.