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  1. Serena Vegan Pillow
    Special Price AED 164 Regular Price AED 219
  2. Serena Bamboo Pillow
    Special Price AED 164 Regular Price AED 219
  3. Serena Go Green Pillow
    Special Price AED 164 Regular Price AED 219
  4. Pure Earth Pillowcase Set - Indigo
    Special Price AED 44 Regular Price AED 59
  5. Pure Earth Pillowcase Set- P/Brown
    Special Price AED 44 Regular Price AED 59
  6. Pure Earth Pillowcase Set - White
    Special Price AED 44 Regular Price AED 59
  7. Pure Earth Pillowcase Set - Sage
    Special Price AED 44 Regular Price AED 59
  8. Derwin Memory Foam Pillow -Soft
    Special Price AED 112 Regular Price AED 149
  9. Fluffy 3 Chamber Striped Pillow
    Special Price AED 186 Regular Price AED 249
  10. Bennie Bamboo Cubic Pillow
    Special Price AED 131 Regular Price AED 175
  11. Leane Tencel Pillow
    Special Price AED 59 Regular Price AED 79
  12. Cloud Cooling Cubic Pillow
    Special Price AED 149 Regular Price AED 199
  13. Hemp Tencel Pillow
    Special Price AED 37 Regular Price AED 149
  14. Della Cooling Pillow
    Special Price AED 56 Regular Price AED 75
  15. Kapok Pillow
    Special Price AED 62 Regular Price AED 249
  16. Caro Breathable Pillow
    Special Price AED 48 Regular Price AED 95
  17. Claire Bamboo Pillow
    Special Price AED 94 Regular Price AED 125

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Pillow Cases Online | How To Find Your Go-To!

We put in plenty of thought when shopping for pillow cases online - be it too soft or too firm, we want it to feel just right, our way! However, how much do we think about protecting them? pillow cases are often overlooked without realizing how essential it is to the bedding set. Choosing a pillow case and caring for them the right way can help extend its life and help you get a better night’s sleep as well! Here is everything you need to know about the fabric and size before buying your next set of pillow cases online. 

Fabric matters 

Just like the sheet covers for your bed, the pillow cases are made of different kinds of fabric - both natural and synthetic. And when it comes to buying pillow cases online, you must give primary importance to picking the fabric! It is a crucial factor that determines the durability of your new pillow cases. Cotton falls on the top of the list for high-quality pillow cases as they are breathable, cosy and all-natural - making it easy to maintain and guarantees to stay soft for years! What’s more? It is such a versatile material that you’re sure to find a cotton fabric that suits your sleep style! 

Choose your size

Once the fabric is decided for your pillow cases, you’ll then want to think about its size. Here is a quick overview of the different sizes you should know before buying your pillow cases online. There are typically three sizes of pillow cases. The standard pillow case size is square-shaped and is usually 26 inches by 26 inches. Queen-size pillow case are 26 inches by 30 inches measurement. Finally, the King pillow suitable for king beds has a dimension of 20 inches by 36 inches. And once this is sorted, all you have to do is buy pillow case covers online and you're good to go!