Check out our serving trays that come in all sorts of different shapes, sizes and styles. They are quite handy for setting the table, for breakfasts in bed or for coffee and snacks on the armrest tray while you enjoy reading a book.

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  1. Alani Fruit Tray 26.5x13.2cm
    Special Price AED116 Regular Price AED145
  2. Zora Fruit Tray 28x12x13cm
    Special Price AED60 Regular Price AED75
  3. Skyla Serving Plate With Rack
    Special Price AED100 Regular Price AED125
  4. Alani Fruit Tray 36.6x14.6cm
    Special Price AED156 Regular Price AED195
  5. Zora Fruit Tray 25x17x18cm
    Special Price AED60 Regular Price AED75
  6. Riana Serving Trolley
    Special Price AED360 Regular Price AED449

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