Explore our decorative and practical serving dishes that will help make your food a treat for the eyes even before you take the first bite. Opt from our wide range of choices be it elegant serving pots or bowls that are suitable for all occasions.

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  1. Hanson Hot Pot With Lid -2500ml
    Special Price AED265 Regular Price AED379
  2. Rorik Dessert Stand -Black
    Special Price AED48 Regular Price AED69
  3. Larisa Serving Set of 13pcs
    Special Price AED62 Regular Price AED89
  4. Ola Dessert Stand -Walnut
    Special Price AED38 Regular Price AED55
  5. Deane Dessert Stand 25x31cm
    Special Price AED34 Regular Price AED49
  6. Malene Serving Dish Beige
    Special Price AED41 Regular Price AED59
  7. Malene Serving Dish Ecru
    Special Price AED41 Regular Price AED59
  8. Lenka Ceramic Fruit Basket
    Special Price AED48 Regular Price AED69
  9. Malene Serving Dish 25.5cm
    Special Price AED55 Regular Price AED79
  10. Amadeo Snack Platter Set
    Special Price AED41 Regular Price AED59
  11. Larisa Amuse Set of 4pcs
    Special Price AED41 Regular Price AED59
  12. Larisa Serving Set of 10pcs
    Special Price AED55 Regular Price AED79
  13. Cira Glass Cake Dome
    Special Price AED76 Regular Price AED109

Serving Dishes

Supper parties and family dinners are both occasions when you want to set up your dining table and create a memorable night for your loved ones. And for that, you'll need a few essentials to make your night a success. Plates and platters can incorporate a personal touch into your kitchen decor. They not only serve a useful purpose in the kitchen but also show off your aesthetic flair.

It’s the little details that matter, especially when you’re looking to create an enjoyable time. And a serving dish set is often the first thing that comes to mind when discussing how to arrange a table elegantly. After all, an attractive table with well-chosen serving platters can go a long way toward setting a long-lasting impression for any get-together. 

Treat your guests in style with a serving tray, which will help you carry several items from the kitchen at once. What’s more? Your holiday dinner table can be decorated with vibrant and eye-catching serving dishes.

Use a wooden tray or serving platter to arrange the table, hold beverages, or display fruits as a sweet surprise. Besides their functional merits, serving trays are a fashionable and unique addition to any kitchen or dining area, enhancing the overall look and feel of your home. Check out our collection and buy serving dishes, pots, and bowls for any occasion at OC Home.