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  1. Earl Table Lamp
    Special Price AED140 Regular Price AED175
  2. Donna Pendant Lamp
    Special Price AED476 Regular Price AED595
  3. Lisa Table Lamp
    Special Price AED260 Regular Price AED325
  4. Nate Table Lamp
    Special Price AED300 Regular Price AED375
  5. Cara Table Lamp
    Special Price AED556 Regular Price AED695
  6. Aubrie Table Lamp
    Special Price AED300 Regular Price AED375
  7. Bianco Table Lamp
    Special Price AED396 Regular Price AED495
  8. Bart Table Lamp
    Special Price AED340 Regular Price AED425
  9. Ayla Table Lamp
    Special Price AED420 Regular Price AED525
  10. Rufus Table Lamp
    Special Price AED460 Regular Price AED575
  11. Tina Table Lamp
    Special Price AED236 Regular Price AED295
  12. Veron Table Lamp
    Special Price AED476 Regular Price AED595

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Choosing Table Lamps - Tips & Tricks!

Each piece of home decor plays an important role in making your space stand out. Table lamps as described by interior designer Judith Bali are a part of the jewellery of a room - which is why is vital to select the right one to complete your space! Let’s take a quick look into our top five tips & tricks to keep in mind before you kickstart your table lamps online shopping experience. 

Tip 1 - Shade shape matters!

Choosing the right shade shape matters whether you’re buying modern table lamps or classic ones. According to Shannon Petrie of HGTV, it's suggested to opt for simple and streamlined table lamps if you prefer an urban finish. Slim bases and drum-shaped shades add drama and height without taking over other decors. If you’re all about classic designs, buy table lamps with a tapered shape as they blend well with traditional decors.   

Tip 2 - It’s all about texture & colour

If you want to add colour to texture to your interiors, an interesting lampshade will give just the boost that you’re looking for. When you’re going to buy table lamps, give importance to bold patterns and texture, be it beads or tassels - it will help to elevate the style of your room instantly. Ensure that there’s enough contrast with the materials used in the room, to make it stand out from the crowd. A simple example would be to avoid placing a brass table lamp next to a brass side table. 

Tip 3 - Right pairing makes all the difference

Combining the right lampshade with the right base matters to give your table lamps the complete look! An easy trick to remember is to select a shade that mimics the shape of the lamp itself. If your table lamp has a square base, opt for a square or rectangular shade. A round or drum-shaped table lamp shade blends well with a round or bulb base. Always remember that the width of the shade should be at least as wide as the widest part of the table lamp and can go up to 2x the width.

Tip 4 - Lookout for measurements

When you buy table lamps, make sure the size is appropriate for their location. Avoid adding massive table lamps on small tables or placing extremely compact table lamps in a large room. It would not only look disproportionate but also not blend with other decors in the space. The shade should ideally be one-half to three-fourths the size of the base and should cover the internal hardware of the lamp.

Tip 5 - Ensure there is enough lighting

This is the most obvious, yet the most important one among them all! Always ensure that the table lamps you choose provide sufficient lighting to do your tasks at ease. It is crucial to know how much light you want the lamp to cast, whether to illuminate the entire room or just for reading - it is vital to make the choice wisely!