Infuse a sense of warmth and elegance into your home with our all-new range of rugs and carpets! From theme-based patterns to the material of your choice, now select from a wide range of options to tell the story you desire in the most unique way possible.

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  1. Ron Handwoven Rug 160x230cm
    Special Price AED316 Regular Price AED395
  2. Malta Carpet
    Special Price AED260 Regular Price AED325
  3. Mehari Carpet
    Special Price AED260 Regular Price AED325
  4. Leland Flatwave Rug
    Special Price AED780 Regular Price AED975
  5. Aaron Handtuffted Rug
    Special Price AED1,036 Regular Price AED1,295
  6. Kris Handtuffted Rug
    Special Price AED760 Regular Price AED950
  7. Desert Handtuffted Rug
    Special Price AED716 Regular Price AED895
  8. Leanna Handtuffted Rug
    Special Price AED796 Regular Price AED995

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