Infuse a sense of warmth and elegance into your home with our all-new range of rugs and carpets! From theme-based patterns to the material of your choice, now select from a wide range of options to tell the story you desire in the most unique way possible.

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  1. Laroca Hand Tufted Rug 160x230cm
    Special Price AED909 Regular Price AED1,299
  2. Amori Digital Printed Rug
    Special Price AED209 Regular Price AED299
  3. Mosley Hand Tufted Rug 160x230cm
    Special Price AED979 Regular Price AED1,399
  4. Cobani Hand Tufted Rug 160x230cm
    Special Price AED699 Regular Price AED999
  5. Desert Handtuffted Rug
    Special Price AED500 Regular Price AED895
  6. Mel Rugs
    Special Price AED556 Regular Price AED995
  7. Leland Rugs
    Special Price AED332 Regular Price AED595
  8. Brighton Carpet
    Special Price AED209 Regular Price AED375
  9. Luxuria Fur Rug
    Special Price AED346 Regular Price AED495
  10. Illusion Soft Fur Printed Rug
    Special Price AED108 Regular Price AED195
  11. Patchwork Soft Fur Printed Rug
    Special Price AED136 Regular Price AED195
  12. Fuzzy Printed Rug
    Special Price AED192 Regular Price AED275
  13. Desert Chic Soft Fur Printed Rug
    Special Price AED206 Regular Price AED295

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Rug and Carpets

A lovely house comprises a well-decorated living room, additional bedrooms and patios which blend well with each other. A well-defined rug in your living room helps your sitting area appear more finished. As a matter of fact, one can argue that a rug is necessary to complete the aesthetic of the living room.

You should choose your carpet like an art piece if you want it to be the focal point of your living room. Decorating your living room begins with a well-placed rug in the color and pattern of your choosing.

In addition to being the center of a house, the living room must be welcoming and inviting. Modern carpet patterns have plenty to offer, even though some may prefer floor coverings. Choosing carpets online for the living room are a cost-effective way to freshen up the space without spending much money.

It's important for your space to be both visually appealing and functional. You may want to consider carpeting as an alternative to hard floor surfaces. Best part? They keep you warm throughout the colder months of the year. Choose from OC Home's rugs and carpets in UAE to convey your story in the most unique way possible.