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Doormats without a doubt are one of the most essential floor covering that is needed to maintain a clean home. And while it is mandatory to have one, it is also crucial to select one that reflects the best of you, even before we step into your home. Now opt for the doormat of your choice to complete your ideal home!

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  1. Home Coir Printed Door Mat -60x90cm
    Special Price AED 33 Regular Price AED 45
  2. Floral Coir Embossed Door Mat -45x75cm
    Special Price AED 26 Regular Price AED 35
  3. Choose One Printed Door Mat -45x75cm
    Special Price AED 26 Regular Price AED 35
  4. Welcome Printed Door Mat -40x60cm
    Special Price AED 18 Regular Price AED 25
  5. Way In Coir Printed Door Mat
    Special Price AED 4 Regular Price AED 35
  6. Expressions Coir Printed Door Mat
    Special Price AED 4 Regular Price AED 35
  7. Checkered Coir Printed Door Mat
    Special Price AED 16 Regular Price AED 35

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Door mats are a very crucial home decor accessory that serves a functional purpose. Whether it’s a private property or a business establishment, you simply cannot do without door mats. The purpose of a doormat is to prevent dirt and mud from entering a residential or commercial property when someone enters from the outside. Aside from keeping doors clean, door mats also prevent slipping accidents. Stepping onto tiled or laminate floors after a heavy downpour can be really risky, as wet shoes are prone to slipping. With the right doormat, however, you can keep accidents at bay as well as protect your house from the dampness. 

Today, there are a wide range of creative door mats available that reflect one's personality and taste. Many of them flaunt quirky quotes, illustrations, designs, etc - adding liveliness to your entrance. A welcome mat is a way for your guests to form a lasting impression of your home. No matter what you decide, a well-chosen doormat will attract everyone’s attention.

Door mats Dubai also act as an added layer of protection to keep your floor in good condition for years. OC Home has a wide range of creatively designed door mats that will complement the theme of your home decor. Check out our website if you're looking to shop long-lasting, sturdy, and attractive welcome door mats.