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  1. Bamboo Tree With Pot 120cm
    Special Price AED160 Regular Price AED229
  2. Ficus Lyrata Tree With Pot 180cm
    Special Price AED314 Regular Price AED449
  3. Eucalyptus Tree With Pot 65cm
    Special Price AED69 Regular Price AED99
  4. Ficus Tree With Pot
    Special Price AED122 Regular Price AED175
  5. Ficus Tree With Pot
    Special Price AED192 Regular Price AED275
  6. Ficus Elastica Tree With Pot
    Special Price AED416 Regular Price AED595
  7. Monstera Tree With Pot
    Special Price AED402 Regular Price AED575
  8. Scheffera Tree With Pot
    Special Price AED104 Regular Price AED149

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Artificial Potted Plants For Indoor & Outdoor

The popularity of artificial plants has even exceeded that of live plants in recent years. Many prefer artificial plants for both indoor and outdoor spaces as they are durable as well as low-maintenance. OC Home has a wide array of artificial plants online that closely resemble real plants. Thus, you get the best of both worlds!

If you keep artificial indoor plants in your house or office space, you need not worry about watering, adding fertilizers, pruning, etc. All they need is a dusting every once in a while and they will enhance your house's beauty for years. Artificial plants do not require sunlight, regular watering, or any such requirements, so you'll find them in great shape even if you're not at home for days.

Studies have shown that having real or artificial indoor plants around us increases productivity and produces a positive environment around us. Real plants have their share of hassles; however, artificial plants hardly involve any maintenance, but still have a calming effect. What’s more, since artificial plants online do not require water, you don’t need soil to plant them. You can simply rearrange them however you like, with ease. OC Home has an exquisite collection of artificial plants Dubai that are cost-effective and attractive. Get your hands on these now to revamp your home or office today.