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Guide To Selecting Your Dinner Sets

There is no doubt that dinnerware sets are the main attraction of a dining table. Dinner sets are much more than crockeries used for serving food. It enhances your meals and establishes the tone for your dining room based on your style. To set the perfect ambience and a lasting impression, it is key to understand the different types of dinnerware sets. Be it formal settings, elegant parties or pieces for everyday use - you can now explore dinner set online UAE collection to find what you love today! 

Explore materials for dinner set

Bone China:

Selecting this material for dinner sets is ideal as it's durable, lightweight and works perfectly for both casual and formal affairs due to its’s chip-resistant finish.


Earthenware material for dinner sets collection gives a natural and casual appeal. Considering that it is one of the oldest industrial materials, you can expect significant weight for your dinnerware sets. It is ideal to avoid unexpected temperature changes, like from the oven or microwave. 


Porcelain is one of the best dinnerware sets in Dubai as it has a non-porous surface. Not to mention, it is durable and typically dishwasher, microwave and oven-safe.


If you’re all about hosting big parties, Melamine material is a must-have as your dinner sets in Dubai! Being shatterproof, it is harder to break or chip and is perfect for outdoor use. These are not ideal for oven or microwave use. 


Stoneware dinner sets come with a glaze that gives a polished finish, making them suitable for everyday use and get-togethers as well! They are more durable than earthenware but would still need to be kept at even temperatures. It is recommended to not expose these dinner sets to high or freezing temperatures. 

Finding your match 

Formal Dinnerware Sets:

If you’re buying this dinner set online UAE series, it would typically include all the pieces one would require, for the dinner table. This dinnerware set place setting includes five pieces - a dinner plate, dessert or salad plate, bread plate, teacup and saucer. Some dinner sets also come with soup bowls. 

Dinnerware Sets with Multiple Place Settings:

These dinner sets would generally take care of the entire dining table. 20-piece sets are the most common ones, that serves four people. This includes dinner plates, salad plates, teacup and a saucer for each setting. 

Open Stock Dinnerware Sets:

This is where dinner sets are sold piece-by-piece. It is recommended for anyone who needs only a few pieces or wishes to mix and match with any collection of their choice.