Now bring out the creative side in you by making the most out of wall accents. Does not matter whether you’re looking for something simple, unconventional or offbeat - OC Home has got the best of everything. Scroll down below to find your perfect match

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  1. Ellena Wall Décor -60x90cm
    Special Price AED224 Regular Price AED299
  2. Raphael Wall Décor -60x90cm
    Special Price AED299 Regular Price AED399
  3. Julianne Wall Décor -60x90cm
    Special Price AED224 Regular Price AED299
  4. Morella Macrame Wall Decor
    Special Price AED90 Regular Price AED129
  5. Kelaya Hanging Tray -33x10.5cm
    Special Price AED26 Regular Price AED35
  6. Kelaya Tray -27x27cm
    Special Price AED44 Regular Price AED59
  7. Kelaya Hanging Tray -21.5x21.5cm
    Special Price AED36 Regular Price AED49
  8. Kelaya Hanging Tray -23x19cm
    Special Price AED36 Regular Price AED49
  9. Cascade Wall Mounted Mirror -Walnut
    Special Price AED899 Regular Price AED1,199
  10. Nevin Shelf 46x13x19cm Gold
    Special Price AED32 Regular Price AED79
  11. Moro Wall Decor 63x5x60cm Gold
    Special Price AED58 Regular Price AED129
  12. Moro Wall Decor Gold
    Special Price AED133 Regular Price AED295
  13. Clayton Grass Round Wall Décor
    Special Price AED105 Regular Price AED150
  14. Loyd Wall Plaque
    Special Price AED101 Regular Price AED225

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Wall Accents

Have you ever thought about it? Walls are like canvasses, waiting to be painted however you like. In the absence of artistic talent, there are several methods available for creating one-of-a-kind artwork. Adding wall art to a room can also serve as a focal point and add a sense of individuality.

Wall accents are one of the most inventive ways to give your house a distinctive personality and feel. As if you were looking through someone's music or book collection to get a sense of who they are and how they live. It’s exciting to experiment with the variety of alternatives now accessible in terms of wall accents online. For example, there are many ways to spruce up a bedroom, an office, or any other living area in the house by adding texture, mouldings, or a unique tile to the area.

Depending on the look you're going for, you may choose a style or design that complements the rest of the decor. Aside from conventional surfaces such as marble, stone, or brick, there are an infinite number of options available when choosing wall accents online. So decorate your home with a dash of glamour with OC Home, Step in to unfold our options and find your match today.