Style your wall with art that inspires you the most. Grab instant attention to your interiors with a touch of your personality. Whether you’re looking for minimalistic, modern or outright funky - we have got ‘em all covered!

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  1. Khayl Framed Glass Art
    Special Price AED297 Regular Price AED425
  2. Earnest Photo Frame Set
    Special Price AED105 Regular Price AED150
  3. Vale Photo Frame Set
    Special Price AED122 Regular Price AED175
  4. Childhood Framed Collage
    Special Price AED45 Regular Price AED65
  5. Familia Baby Photo Frame
    Special Price AED38 Regular Price AED55
  6. Sylva Framed Collage White
    Special Price AED35 Regular Price AED50
  7. Gilded Framed Hand Painting
    Special Price AED241 Regular Price AED345
  8. Artistic Horse Hand Painting
    Special Price AED276 Regular Price AED395
  9. Peony Framed Hand Painting
    Special Price AED206 Regular Price AED295
  10. Mixed Media Framed Canvas
    Special Price AED227 Regular Price AED325
  11. Union Framed Canvas
    Special Price AED227 Regular Price AED325

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Now let your walls do the talking with stunning framed artwork! While there are plenty of options available, from minimalistic to urban, artistic, and more - what you select to display on your walls completely depends on your style and the interiors. Now refresh your space with framed wall artwork that reflects a touch of creativity and persona at OC Home!

Some of the most popular options for you to explore before you buy the framed wall artwork include:

  • Large-scale art - Displaying oversized paintings or images will grab attention and help set the tone in a small space. Try black and white for a minimalist space or colourful framed artworks to give a vibrant finish.
  • Building your own gallery wall - Add a personal touch to your wall and complete your home by displaying your very own gallery section. This could include a collection of family photographs, art, or anything you like - adding personality and color to your space instantly.
  • Displaying fabric as framed wall art - Bring in a pop of colour and texture to your walls with fabric. Not only does it give a unique look, but it also brings a sense of softness to a neutral space almost immediately.

Now that you have your base covered, it’s time to get experimental! Browse to find your match with our series of framed artworks today.