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  1. Dina Hanging Lamp 30.4x30.4x17.8cm
    Special Price AED153 Regular Price AED275
  2. Alton Pendant Lamp 7L
    Special Price AED45 Regular Price AED65
  3. Alton Pendant Lamp 9L
    Special Price AED45 Regular Price AED65
  4. Maeve Ceiling Lamp
    Special Price AED83 Regular Price AED149
  5. Adonis Mango Wood & Bamboo Ceiling Lamp
    Special Price AED164 Regular Price AED295
  6. Phoenix Ceiling Lamp
    Special Price AED72 Regular Price AED129
  7. Henley Ceiling Lamp
    Special Price AED196 Regular Price AED350
  8. Alfre Hanging Lamp
    Special Price AED140 Regular Price AED250
  9. Jean Pendant Lamp
    Special Price AED97 Regular Price AED175
  10. Colleen Aluminium Chandelier
    Special Price AED384 Regular Price AED549
  11. Tyler Pendant Lamp
    Special Price AED108 Regular Price AED195
  12. Donna Pendant Lamp
    Special Price AED332 Regular Price AED595

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Pendant Hanging Lights & Ceiling Lamps

When it comes to illuminating a space or revamping your decor, pendant lighting can make a lot of difference. A pendant light refers to a light fixture that is suspended from the ceiling. It typically has only a single light bulb integrated into the fixture. And since they are suspended like a pendant on a necklace, they are called pendant lights. With well-planned pendant lighting, you can bring any space to life.

Pendant lighting can be used in entry halls, stairwells, dining rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, porches, and so on. Some like to use pendant ceiling lights for lighting up narrow hallways, to highlight family pictures, paintings or sculptures, etc. No matter what the setting, these pendant lights Dubai are versatile and timeless. You can also install such pendant ceiling lights in your kitchen or work area if you don't have enough space in your bedroom.

It is ideal to install pendant ceiling lights over a kitchen sink or a bathroom vanity since they take up little horizontal space. As a result of the downward lighting, pendant lights provide a greater amount of light. OC Home is your one-stop destination for top-notch pendant lights that can add a lot of style to any room of your choice. They guarantee a soft, decorative lighting, lending a contemporary feel to any home decor theme. Get your hands on one of OC Home's dazzling pendant lights Dubai today!