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  1. Reso Floor Lamp -90cm
    Special Price AED 299 Regular Price AED 399
  2. Reso Floor Lamp -120cm
    Special Price AED 374 Regular Price AED 499
  3. Mallory Floor Lamp with Leather Shade
    Special Price AED 449 Regular Price AED 599
  4. Bask Acrylic Floor Lamp
    Special Price AED 699 Regular Price AED 999
  5. Stace Wooden Floor Lamp -Natural
    Special Price AED 636 Regular Price AED 849
  6. Wallace Wooden Floor Lamp -Natural
    Special Price AED 524 Regular Price AED 699
  7. Arizo Floor Lamp -White
    Special Price AED 431 Regular Price AED 575
  8. Lorey Metal Floor Lamp -White
    Special Price AED 636 Regular Price AED 849
  9. Camie Floor Lamp
    Special Price AED 449 Regular Price AED 599
  10. Jiose Floor Lamp
    Special Price AED 374 Regular Price AED 499
  11. June Floor Lamp
    Special Price AED 374 Regular Price AED 499
  12. Viane Adjustable Dual Light Floor Lamp
    Special Price AED 936 Regular Price AED 1,249

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Guide To Finding The Perfect Floor Lamps In Dubai

Planning on getting a floor lamp for your living room? Great idea! But how to find the perfect one? There is no doubt that lamps and lighting are key in designing beautiful homes! It can set the whole mood of the room and give that soothing ambience that you’re looking for. Whether it be its style, base or shade, everything matters when you buy floor lamps online! Here is a quick guide on where to begin before shopping for your modern floor lamps in Dubai. 

Minimalistic or Bold? 

Adding a striking floor lamp in your living room can itself make your space stand out. From its height to colour and more - every aspect plays a crucial role in adding character to a room. At the same time, you can alternatively go for a subtle tone by selecting floor lamps online that blends with the furniture and home decor at home. The choice is yours depending on the space you have available. 

Measure your space

When you decide to buy floor lamps online, it is important to consider the scale of your living room - mainly the height of the ceiling. A low ceiling can make a tall floor lamp look out of proportion, whereas, if you have a room with a lot of overhead space, a short floor lamp can appear out of place and even affect the final look of your room. The easiest way would be to measure and figure out the height to avoid the floor lamp from dominating the room. 

Choice of light

For task lighting and ambient lighting - standing lamps work best. So deciding based on your priority will help you to buy floor lamps online. If you want a reading light next to a sofa or armchair, the bottom of the shade should be placed at eye level when sitting. Here it would be ideal that the top of the floor lamp is approximately 60 inches high when measured from the ground. Selecting the right shade is also important. A semi-translucent shade gives a subtle light and, an opaque shade is better for highlighting a wall or ceiling feature. 

Blending with living room design and decor 

With bases that come in brass, wood, marble and more, along with its shade that comes in a variety of colours, materials and designs - you can make your space stand out seamlessly. So, definitely, there are plenty of options for you to match your floor lamps with the living room’s style and decor setting. What’s more? You can also use floor lamps to create a positive ambience. Be it placing them next to empty bay windows or filling that gap between your sofa and wall - floor lamps help to bring your room to life.