Attention Customers: Weather may impact delivery times. We appreciate your patience.
Attention Customers: Weather may impact delivery times. We appreciate your patience.

Make your home stand out with our unique collection of figurines. Whether you’re looking for something simple, contemporary or abstract - OC Home has put together a series of statues and displays that reflect the style of all taste buds! Discover what we have in-store today!

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  1. Ivory Hollow Décor Accent
    Special Price AED 74 Regular Price AED 99
  2. Diala Décor Accent - Antique Silver
    Special Price AED 51 Regular Price AED 69
  3. Biosa Twisted Sculpture
    Special Price AED 260 Regular Price AED 349
  4. Lucia Jewellery Stand Pastel Pink
    Special Price AED 55 Regular Price AED 109
  5. Lucia Jewellery Stand White
    Special Price AED 45 Regular Price AED 89
  6. Ravie Jewelery Box Pastel Pink
    Special Price AED 65 Regular Price AED 129
  7. Trixie Jewelry Box Grey 14x8cm
    Special Price AED 55 Regular Price AED 109
  8. Elivira Jewelry Box Pastel Grey 11x6cm
    Special Price AED 33 Regular Price AED 65
  9. Elivira Jewelry Box White 11x8cm
    Special Price AED 41 Regular Price AED 69
  10. Reiki Jewelry Box Beige Set of 3pcs
    Special Price AED 60 Regular Price AED 119
  11. Apollo Black Geometric Ceramic Décor
    Special Price AED 45 Regular Price AED 89

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Decorative Antique Figurines

Well-decorated places have a number of features that make them so. Subtle colour palettes and detailed wall art are only a few examples; others include sculptures and, last but not least, beautiful and ageless figurines. 

Figurines need no introduction when it comes to enhancing the appeal of any living space. Decorative figurines may convert your house into a fantasy world just the way you want. Each one has a tale to tell that adds value to your home. Choosing unique figurines online can make an office cabin or room seem intriguing and exciting at the same time.

There's no need to be an interior designer or a colour scheme expert to add a dash of beauty to one's house with the incorporation of classic figurines. Miniature models of people, animals, and nature can bring in an artistic touch and brighten up a space instantly. Now enhance the aesthetic appeal of your house with elegantly created Animal Sculptures & Figurines. 

OC Home's gorgeous figurines online are perfect for adding a unique finish to your home decor collection. Check out our website to discover stunning animal sculptures and antique figurines. You can now buy figurines online to suit the theme of your space and instantly transform the way a particular room looks.