Explore our vibrant collection of artificial plants to bring in a mix of tropical feel at your home. The best part? It’s easy to maintain, clean and of course, no water required! Artificial plants can pretty much withstand various environments, making suitable for both indoor and outdoor setting.

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  1. Fabian Planter
    Special Price AED24 Regular Price AED35
  2. Fabian Planter
    Special Price AED31 Regular Price AED45
  3. Elize Planter
    Special Price AED21 Regular Price AED30
  4. Terrazo Planter
    Special Price AED4 Regular Price AED20
  5. Terrazzo Planter
    Special Price AED4 Regular Price AED20
  6. Gener Planters
    Special Price AED20 Regular Price AED50
  7. Fluted Planter
    Special Price AED7 Regular Price AED35
  8. Moondusty Planter
    Special Price AED38 Regular Price AED95
  9. Vivid Planter
    Special Price AED8 Regular Price AED40
  10. Moondust Planter
    Special Price AED16 Regular Price AED40
  11. Plainy Planter
    Special Price AED5 Regular Price AED25


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Artificial Plants

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Be it indoors or outdoors - now bring a little bit of nature with our pots & planters collection! Experience a calm and soothing ambience every time you step into your home with some lush greenery. Whether your house is contemporary, classic, or a mix of both - our plant pots online are the way to go! 

At OC Home, we bring you an array of options to explore. For plant pots online designs, we have series ranging from luxury to minimalist, modern, artistic, and more - helping you select the collection that matches the overall feel of your home. Here is a quick glimpse into the most commonly used pots & planters. 

  • Plastic pots - They are lightweight and available at a low-cost. Pick your colour and adorn your indoors with the plant of your choice. 
  • Terracotta pots - These classic pots are made from red clay is one of the go-to flower planters for gardening. It is ideal to pair them with drought-tolerant plants as they absorb a lot of water from the soil.
  • Glazed pots - Made typically from ceramic, these pots are sturdy and heavy. You can grow almost any plant you like and make your space stand out instantly. 

Ready to get started? Great! Now browse and check out our series of flower planters to kickstart your gardening journey today!