We are thrilled to launch our all-new eco-friendly collection. Elevate your interiors with our modern everyday solution that is not only sustainable but also adds a fun mix to your home instantly. From planters to tote bags, notebooks and more, we offer a wide range of options for you to discover and shop from!

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  1. Dunn Cotton Canvas Placemats
    Special Price AED14 Regular Price AED20
  2. Donney Juco Fringe Coasters
    Special Price AED7 Regular Price AED10
  3. Sawyers Hemp Square Hanger
    Special Price AED14 Regular Price AED20
  4. Cordell Habit Tracker
    Special Price AED10 Regular Price AED15
  5. Sawyers Hemp Hanger
    Special Price AED10 Regular Price AED15
  6. Cordell Weekly Planner
    Special Price AED10 Regular Price AED15
  7. Cordell Kraft A5 Journal
    Special Price AED17 Regular Price AED25


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1. What are Eco-Friendly Products?

Any items that are easy to recycle or have already been recycled are referred to as eco-friendly. These are derived from natural sources such as bamboo or cotton and use a minimal quantity of water. Reusable straws, compostable food containers, rechargeable batteries, reusable coffee filters, biodegradable trash bags, and bamboo towels are a few examples. These are usually non-toxic, non-polluting, climate-friendly, and sustainable. Explore our extensive collection of eco-friendly furniture and give your house a new lease of life.

2. What is the importance of eco-friendly products?

It is a startling fact that most of our daily essentials add to pollution, which adversely affects nature and human health. But you can break this chain by replacing them with sustainable and eco-friendly products. It ensures that energy is used only from healthy and renewable sources that can be replenished without putting the environment at risk. The use of green products, such as our eco-friendly bags, plays a pivotal role in minimizing pollution, which in turn can assist a long way in reversing the effect of environmental damage over the years. It helps to keep waste generation in check since it promotes the reuse and recycling of waste products. 

3. What are the advantages of using eco-friendly products?

  • Conserving nature: The environment suffers from imbalance due to overexploitation, pollution, and the destruction of natural resources. However, with the use of sustainable products, we can reduce this ill effect. 
  • Save mankind: Since the human race and mother nature are closely interconnected, it is without saying that if nature is adversely affected, it will also threaten the human race, directly or indirectly. The irresponsible production, as well as disposal of products, have already given rise to several diseases.
  • Improved climate: Climate change is happening at a faster pace than ever before. The extremes of temperature can have a devastating effect on the earth. Using environmentally friendly products can help combat climate change in the long run. 
  • Cost-effective: since eco-friendly products mostly count on non-exhaustive environmental resources, they are more economical compared to artificially manufactured products. 
  • Ensure A Healthier Life: Since eco-friendly home furniture does not contain harmful chemicals, you are safeguarding your health too. By switching to sustainable furniture, you can give yourself a safer, chemical-free, and non-toxic life. 

Attain a sustainable lifestyle with our collection of sustainable and eco-friendly products. OC HOME assures you that you will play your part in preserving the balance between the human race and mother nature.