The bedroom is where you start and end your day. It is your cosy nook that helps you unwind, relax and refresh your mind and body every single day. Personalise your space just the way you like by choosing the ideal mattress, bedside table, mirrors and more to reflect the best version you -  all at an affordable price.


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  1. Taylor Stool Terracotta
    Special Price OMR 25.300 Regular Price OMR 51.720
  2. Marlie Chest of 5 Drawer
    Special Price OMR 40.500 Regular Price OMR 103.560
  3. Marlie Dresser With Mirror
    Special Price OMR 56.200 Regular Price OMR 143.880
  4. Marlie King Bed
    Special Price OMR 72.000 Regular Price OMR 184.190
  5. Lind King Bed 180x200cm Black
    Special Price OMR 118.100 Regular Price OMR 345.460
  6. Adelaide King Bed Oak
    Special Price OMR 297.600 Regular Price OMR 460.650
  7. Casper King Bed 180x200 Beige
    Special Price OMR 257.100 Regular Price OMR 345.000
  8. Casper Queen Bed 160x200 Beige
    Special Price OMR 240.000 Regular Price OMR 321.960
  9. Casper King Bed Ecru
    Special Price OMR 220.000 Regular Price OMR 321.960
  10. Manille Stool Whitewash
    Special Price OMR 17.200 Regular Price OMR 22.920
  11. Langston Stool Black
    Special Price OMR 33.800 Regular Price OMR 69.000

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Finding Your Dream Bedroom in Oman Stylish & Functional Furniture

Crafting a bedroom that's both restful and reflects your personality is key to creating a true haven in your Omani home. To make your home furniture search easier, we've compiled this guide highlighting key pieces and considerations for achieving your dream bedroom.

Your Perfect Bed:

  • Embrace Cozy Sleep: Sink into blissful rest with our collection of plush beds, available in a variety of sizes and materials to suit your comfort and style. Choose from king-size havens for luxurious slumber or sleek platform beds for a minimalistic touch.

Nightstand Companions:

  • Beyond Clutter-Free Desks: Stylish bedside tables aren't just for keeping things tidy – they add a touch of elegance and provide a convenient surface for lamps, books, or even a steaming cup of Omani coffee. Explore our diverse range of designs, from wood-crafted warmth to modern glass accents.

Getting Ready in Style:

  • Dresser And  Mirror: Your Confidence Duo: Organize your daily essentials and prepare for the day with confidence in style. From plush, spacious dressers for ample storage to sleek minimalist designs with statement mirrors, find the perfect dresser and mirror combination to express your unique Omani flair.

Wardrobes: More Than Storage, a Fashion Statement:

  • Elevate Your Wardrobe Organization: Go beyond basic storage and create a sophisticated haven for your treasured outfits and accessories. Our diverse selection of wardrobes boasts built-in shelves and features to keep everything organized and easily accessible, reflecting your refined Omani style.

Chest of Drawers: Everyday Essentials at Your Fingertips:

  • Effortless Organization & Style: Keep your clothes and essentials within easy reach with the perfect chest of drawers. We offer a variety of designs in wood, mirror, and metal finishes to complement your Omani bedroom aesthetic, ensuring both functionality and a touch of elegant design.

Finishing Touches: Stools & Ottomans for Cozy Corners:

  • Unwind in Comfort & Style: Create inviting corners for relaxation after a long day with our playful stools and ottomans. From plush comfort to minimalist chic, find the perfect pieces to accessorize your bedroom and personalize your cozy haven.

Explore OC Home online collection and shop now. or Visit our showroom and let our experts guide you.