General Terms & Conditions

These are the general terms and conditions which apply to your purchase of goods from OC Home through our website at www.ochomefurniture.com/oman.

When we talk about OC Home in these terms and conditions we refer to it by using (the pronoun “we”, and its derivatives). When we use (the pronoun “you” and its derivatives), we mean a user shopping from OC Home and buying its products.

We reserve the right to change the general terms and conditions and return policy at any time. Any changes in terms and conditions will apply to all new orders after posting the changes on the OC Home website. You should review the general terms and conditions and return policy posted on the OC Home page before each request.

If you have any questions concerning these general terms and conditions, return policy, cancellation policy, products, or OC Home website, please contact us and talk to one of our representatives on this number: 80029566.

Information about OC Home website and our products

Using our website (even without buying any of our products) means your approval and commitment to these terms and conditions.

We strive to ensure the accuracy and validity of all information contained on the OC Home website, including product descriptions and prices contained, at all times. However, upon noticing an error, we reserve the right to proceed with cancellation, either the entire order or partial order. The updated details will be added to the webpage right after. if the change, in any way affects the order of the customer, we will inform in the given mode of contact.

You should keep in mind that the OC Home website provides a different shopping experience than buying from the physical store. You have to be aware of:

Our Services:

We sell OC Home products and services for OC Home products, through our website www.ochomefurniture.com/oman or through our stores.


Colors of products shown on the website depend on many factors - including display settings used on the site; products shape and sizes. It may appear different in reality than the screen. We provide dimensions and measurements with the descriptions of products, it is your responsibility to ensure that the actual size of each product fits your purpose.


Photos on the website are for illustration purposes only, in order to obtain an accurate description of any product and its details you should read the product description listed.

All Products

All products depend on their availability in stock, which means the inability to meet your order in case of its absence. Products shown for sale are prone to be stopped from sale either online or in stores at any time. It is our responsibility, in such cases, to pay you back any amount you have paid for products you did not receive;

Promotion Offers & Products

Promotion offers and products on the OC Home website may not be all available in stores and vice versa.

Our product prices on our website are the same as those listed in our catalogue and in our stores. Sometimes, you may find a difference in price, when there are different promotions in stores or on our website

Validity Of Information

OC Home assumes the validity of the information provided by the customer; the customer in return is held responsible for the accuracy of his personal information and data required to complete the purchase. The customer assumes responsibility in case he provides any incorrect information. OC Home shall not be responsible if otherwise happens.


We shall do our best to have our website free from any viruses, you have to make sure to use the appropriate programs and software for detecting viruses and any other malicious content online on your computer or smartphone.

Be alert!! You may encounter many pseudo-OC Home websites, which may seem similar to the official website and claim selling our products. OC Home is not responsible for any fraud or fraudulent attempts by other websites. The official OC Home website is: www.ochomefurniture.com/oman.

Available Services

We have the right at any time to modify, stop selling, stop services, sell any of our products, stop online shopping temporarily or permanently, with or without prior notice. In case our service stops after payment, we shall refund you, in accordance with the return policy- refund.


It is your responsibility to ensure confidentiality of your login and password, and all other data related to your account at all times. You agree to notify us as soon as you know about any suspected or presence of any risk to the security of your account.

The eligibility to order and purchase our products

Unless you are 18 years old or older you may not purchase from OC Home. The delivery address must be in the United Arab Emirates. You should provide a valid email, a cell phone number that you can be contacted through easily.

Although we sell children’s products, they must be purchased by adults only; All products sold by the OC Home website are for personal use only; none of these products is authorized for commercial or industrial use unless it is explicitly stated.

Product Availability

Although we constantly check the accuracy of our stock on the OC Home website and its compatibility with the physical inventory in our warehouse, errors may occur. If we discover any stock error with any product you ordered, we shall inform you as soon as possible.

Delivery & Assembly

The delivery schedule will depend on the item and the time when you placed the order. The standard delivery for accessories takes 5-7 working days and furniture is approximately 7-10 working days.
To track your shipment - Go to the Orders section under My Account or click on the order number in your Order Confirmation email to get the status of your delivery. You can also call us on 80029566 for an update.

Return & Refund Policy

If you’re not happy with the order, you can simply return the product along with its original packaging and receipt within 14 days from the date of purchase to claim a refund. Here is the policy guideline for furniture and accessories.

Furniture Refund - A refund will be issued only if the item cannot be repaired or replaced (depending on the defect & availability). You can claim a direct refund if a defective item was received at the time of delivery. 
Accessories Refund - A refund will be issued only in the form of store credit, except if you have received a defective item at the time of delivery. Note - the store credit will only be valid for 6 months from the date of issue.
Note - Due to safety reasons, OC Home will not be issuing a return or refund for hygiene products. OC Home reserves the right to refuse a return or exchange of any product. We may ask for picture identification for further verification.

Once the refund is confirmed, the amount will be processed back to the source account.

Plan of Action - The refund will be credited to your card or bank account in 7-14 business days, depending upon the original mode of payment. You’ll receive store credit if the payment was made in cash which can only be used for online purchases. The wallet amount will get issued in 2-3 business days. 

Click here to find out more about the Return and Return policy. (Hyperlink to return and refund policy)

Terms & Conditions of Sale

These Terms of Service and any separate agreements whereby we provide you Services shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of United Arab Emirates.

Promotional Offers

From time to time, we may make available promotional offers on the OC Home website and in such cases, specific terms and conditions will apply. Such offers may be time-limited and orders may not qualify if they have not been fully processed by you within the specified time frame. Promotions where you are eligible to get a free item (example - buy one get one free), only apply to qualifying items displaying the offer message on their product information pages, and unless the promotions indicate otherwise, apply to the lowest-priced qualifying product. Offers may not be combined with other promotions, discounts, offers and voucher codes unless otherwise specifically stated. OC Home reserves the right to amend or terminate a promotion at any time without notice.

Promotion Codes

Promotion Codes cannot be transferred, and no cash alternative will be provided. Promotion Codes cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotions, offers or discounts and must be redeemed before the expiry date. OC Home reserves the right to amend or terminate a promotion at any time and without notice.

First Order Discount

First-order discount codes are only applicable to a customer’s first full-price purchase on the OC Home website. This code can be only used once per person and cannot be combined with any other promotions, offers or discounts.


Buy 1 Get 1 Free / Buy 2 Get 1 Free / Buy 3 Get 1 Free:

  • The lowest-priced item will be free.
  • In the event, any of the items within the buy and get free offer are returned, you must also return any free items received.
  • Buy 1 Get 1 Free – promotion is applied once 2 relevant products have been added to the cart – the lowest-priced item will be free.
  • Buy 2 Get 1 Free – promotion is applied once 3 relevant products have been added to the cart – the lowest-priced item will be free.
  • Buy 3 Get 1 Free – promotion is applied once 4 relevant products have been added to the cart – the lowest-priced item will be free.

Items With Discount Already Applied:

  • Items with a discount applied will be marked with a label that displays the discounted price and percentage.
  • Promotion codes cannot be added to already discounted products.


At OC HOME, we are committed to ensuring the quality and durability of our products. To provide you with peace of mind and confidence in your purchase, we offer the following warranty policy.

Coverage duration

The warranty period extends for 2 years from the date of purchase, applicable only for residential use within the country of purchase. Please note that this warranty does not cover rented, commercial, or other non-residential uses.

What is covered?

  • Our warranty covers manufacturing defects and craftsmanship issues pertaining  to furniture components and hardware including electrically operated mechanism, rails, hinges and similar hardware. 
  • The warranty may include repair, replacement, or refund options, depending on the nature of the issue and the product's condition.

The warranty doesn’t cover:

  • Damage resulting from misuse, mistreatment, abuse, negligence, or normal wear and tear (detailed further in point 4).
  • Damages caused by accidents, natural disaster, unauthorised repair or improper assembly, installation or modification by third party 
  • Damage resulting from exposure to extreme temperatures, moisture, or sunlight particularly for products not intended for outdoor use
  • Incorrect storage, assembly, installation, or cleaning methods, as well as damage due to overloading shelves or drawers.
  • Upholstered fabric issues such as tears, flattening, nap, pilling, fading, or stretching/shrinking.
  • Stains, spills, or soiling caused by improper cleaning or maintenance.
  • Products used as floor samples, display models, or for commercial purposes, as well as those purchased on an As-Is basis (purchase of display products from shop floor)  or during clearance sales.
  • Damages caused by pets, such as scratches or chewing
  • If the product has been physically modified or altered in any way from its original state
  • Unauthored dismantle and Lost Parts or Hardware 
  • Failure to Comply with Manual Instructions

What is consider normal Tear & Wear

Tear and wear refer to the natural deterioration of a product's appearance or performance over time due to regular use. While our warranty typically covers manufacturing defects and craftsmanship issues, it's important to clarify what falls under tear and wear:

  • Fading or discoloration of fabrics or materials over time
  • Minor scratches, dents, or scuffs on surfaces caused by everyday use
  • Gradual softening or flattening of cushions, padding, or upholstery or conform to the shape of the user
  • Slight loosening of joints or fittings due to regular movement and usage
  • Minor wear and tear that do not affect the functionality or structural integrity of the product.

Mattress Warranty

Mattresses are covered by a warranty ranging from 7 to 15 years, depending on the specific product.

The mattress warranty excludes:

  • Cuts, scratches, or splits caused by sharp objects or accidents.
  • Incorrect storage in outdoor or humid conditions.
  • Incorrect cleaning, alterations, misuse, or unhygienic usage.
  • Incorrect installation on an unsuitable bed base or using incorrect slats
  • The warranty does not cover handles, which should only be used for mattress alignment, not for flipping or lifting.

Claim Process

  • To initiate a warranty claim, please contact our customer service team @600 562463 or info@ochome.se within the warranty period.
  • Provide proof of purchase, details of the issue, and relevant photographs to support your claim.
  • Our team will assess the claim and guide you through the next steps, which may include repair, replacement, or refund.


  • In cases where tear and wear are deemed excessive or premature, our customer service team will assess the situation and provide appropriate resolution options, which may include repair, replacement, or partial refund, depending on the circumstances. 
  • Variation in natural leather, including marks, scratches, or wrinkles, are inherent characteristics and are not considered defects. 
  • OC Home reserves the right to modify or update the warranty policy at any time.