Have you ever walked into a house and felt that it is lifeless or is missing something? It is possible that the lack of lighting is to be blamed. Lighting is one of the most crucial factors that establish the tone of your home. Be it natural or artificial, they both influence not only the appearance of a room but also how it makes the room feel. Lighting for home serves the purpose of improving the mood as well as creating a warm and bright ambience seamlessly. 

Choosing The Right Lighting For Home

Picking out the right lighting for home can feel like a complicated process. There’re table lamp lighting, floor lamp lighting, wall lamp lighting, chandelier lighting and pendant lighting. Here is a quick guide to them all if you’re confused about where to begin. 

Table Lamps Lighting

A table lamp is generally used as a source of light on tables or any piece of furniture. It serves as the easiest lighting solution. By selecting the perfect bulb type, shade, shape and colour - urban table lamps can work as a source of direct or diffused light in space or corner to enhance the ambience. Its portability makes it convenient to be moved around without much hassle. 

Floor Lamps Lighting

These lighting stands are designed to be placed on the floor, where the light will be positioned higher in the room. Floor lamps work well when kept in the corner of a room or behind a seating area since the increased lighting is great for watching movies, reading and lots more! 

Wall Lamps Lighting

Add wall lamps to your interiors gives a fantastic layer of lighting to your ambience. Be it, indoor or outdoors - wall lamps can elevate the lighting design to a whole new level.  Exterior walls, porch, deck, patio, balcony or driveways are some of the popular places where a wall lamp is installed. It can be used as decorative lighting in your hallway, bedroom, bathroom or ceiling to provide soft illumination. 

Chandeliers Lighting

Grand and eye-catching! Chandeliers without a doubt set a statement at your home. While it is most commonly used in the dining rooms, its lighting would also work seamlessly in the living room, bedroom and patio - helping to bring your space together instantly! From heavy traditional designs to urban collections - chandeliers have come a long way in creating your perfect home.

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  1. Necolla Mango Wood Table Lamp
    Special Price OMR 25.800 Regular Price OMR 51.720
  2. Poetic Bamboo Table Lamp
    Special Price OMR 19.700 Regular Price OMR 40.240
  3. Kelaya Table Lamp -45x13cm
    Special Price OMR 11.300 Regular Price OMR 22.920
  4. Elin Terracotta Table Lamp
    Special Price OMR 28.200 Regular Price OMR 57.480
  5. Kailani Brass Table Lamp
    Special Price OMR 27.000 Regular Price OMR 55.180
  6. Viane Adjustable Dual Light Table Lamp
    Special Price OMR 46.700 Regular Price OMR 97.800
  7. Kennedy Brass Table Lamp -White
    Special Price OMR 21.400 Regular Price OMR 43.660
  8. Abigail Terracotta Table Lamp
    Special Price OMR 22.500 Regular Price OMR 45.960
  9. Raziel Table Lamp Grey
    Special Price OMR 20.100 Regular Price OMR 40.200
  10. Licindar Table Lamp White
    Special Price OMR 20.100 Regular Price OMR 40.200
  11. Reso Floor Lamp -90cm
    Special Price OMR 34.200 Regular Price OMR 45.960
  12. Renata Contemporary Table Lamp
    Special Price OMR 27.000 Regular Price OMR 55.180

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Illuminate Your Home with Stunning Lighting & Lamps from OC Home Furniture Oman

Brighten up your living room with OC Home Furniture's stunning collection of lighting and lamps in Oman. Our curated selection offers a variety of options, from statement chandeliers to functional floor lamps, designed to illuminate and enhance your home's ambiance.

Statement Chandeliers

Make a grand statement in your home with our collection of statement chandeliers. Perfect for dining rooms, entryways, or living rooms, chandeliers add elegance and sophistication to any space. Choose from a variety of styles and sizes to complement your decor and create a stunning focal point that dazzles and delights.

Elegant Pendant Lights

Add a touch of modern elegance to your home with our collection of pendant lights. Perfect for kitchens, dining areas, or hallways, pendant lights offer stylish illumination while adding visual interest to your space. Choose from a variety of designs and finishes to create a customized lighting solution that complements your decor and enhances your home's ambiance.

Functional Floor Lamps

Illuminate your living spaces with our collection of functional floor lamps. Perfect for reading corners, home offices, or cozy nooks, floor lamps offer adjustable lighting and versatile placement options. Choose from a variety of styles and heights to suit your needs and create a warm and inviting atmosphere in any room.

Stylish Table Lamps

Add a touch of charm to your bedside tables, side tables, or consoles with our collection of stylish table lamps. Perfect for providing task lighting or ambient illumination, table lamps offer versatility and style. Choose from a variety of designs, shapes, and sizes to complement your decor and add personality to your living spaces.

Modern Ceiling Lights

Illuminate your home with our collection of modern ceiling lights. From flush mounts to semi-flush mounts, our ceiling lights offer sleek and streamlined illumination for any room. Choose from a variety of designs and finishes to create a contemporary and cohesive look that enhances your home's ambiance.

Shop our exquisite collection of lighting and lamps online or visit our showroom in Oman to explore our full range of products. With OC Home Furniture, you can illuminate your home with high-quality lighting solutions that reflect your unique style and enhance your living spaces.