Home Accessories sets the tone of your home. Period. It carries the true essence of any interior and narrates a story to people to see. From vases and lanterns to photo frames, clocks and more, now unfold the perfect element that brings out the best of you with a click of a button.

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  1. Fiora Tubular Vase -Sand
    Special Price OMR 4.000 Regular Price OMR 5.650
  2. Byram Deco Sand Timer 26cm
    Special Price OMR 18.100 Regular Price OMR 26.400
  3. Eris 9W WW E27 LED BULB
    Special Price OMR 3.300 Regular Price OMR 3.340
  4. Baris Acrylic Magazine Rack-Grey
    Special Price OMR 16.900 Regular Price OMR 34.470
  5. Kaisar Decor Vase Beige
    Special Price OMR 9.400 Regular Price OMR 14.870
  6. Nyla Tray with Handle -18x15cm
    Special Price OMR 5.500 Regular Price OMR 7.950
  7. Nyla Wooden Décor -Natural
    Special Price OMR 10.400 Regular Price OMR 14.870
  8. Fiora Décor Accent -Ivory
    Special Price OMR 6.400 Regular Price OMR 9.110
  9. Fiora Décor Accent -Sand
    Special Price OMR 6.400 Regular Price OMR 9.110
  10. Fiora Tubular Vase -Ivory
    Special Price OMR 4.830 Regular Price OMR 6.800
  11. Lemar Marble Rectangular Chain Décor
    Special Price OMR 26.390 Regular Price OMR 37.930
  12. Lorenza Magazine Rack -60cm
    Special Price OMR 18.700 Regular Price OMR 28.710

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Explore Exquisite Home Accessories at OC Home Oman

Enhance the beauty and ambiance of your home with OC Home Oman's stunning collection of home accessories, featuring vases, bowls, lanterns, figurines, and clocks.

Timeless Elegance: Discover Beautiful Vases and Bowls

Adorn your living space with timeless elegance using OC Home Oman's collection of beautiful vases and bowls. Crafted with exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail, our vases and bowls add sophistication and charm to any room. Choose from a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes to suit your decor preferences and complement your interior design.

Illuminating Ambiance: Find Perfect Lanterns for Your Space

Create a warm and inviting atmosphere with OC Home Oman's selection of lanterns. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, our lanterns add a touch of ambient light and style to any setting. Choose from a range of designs, from traditional lanterns to modern styles, to suit your decor aesthetic and enhance the ambiance of your home.

Artistic Flourish: Explore Charming Figurines

Add a touch of whimsy and personality to your home decor with OC Home Oman's charming figurines. Whether you prefer classic sculptures or contemporary designs, our figurines are sure to spark conversation and delight guests. Place them on shelves, mantels, or tabletops to infuse your space with artistic flair and character.

Timeless Style: Shop Stylish Clocks for Your Home

Keep time in style with OC Home Oman's collection of stylish clocks. From classic wall clocks to sleek desk clocks, our timepieces combine functionality with aesthetic appeal. Choose from a variety of designs and finishes to complement your decor and add a touch of sophistication to any room.

Discover the perfect home accessories to elevate your decor at OC Home Oman. Shop now and transform your living space into a haven of style and elegance.