Comfortable seating Cozy time! Whether you're looking to snuggle up, unwind or simply take a break , our sofa and seating collection is your ultimate solution. From armchairs to recliners, corner sofas and more, OC Home brings you an array of choices for you to capture the true essence of your home!

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  1. Inverno 2 Seater Sofa Ecru
    Special Price AED 1,900 Regular Price AED 3,799
  2. Jenason Accent Chair Charcoal
    Special Price AED 519 Regular Price AED 799
  3. Aya Relaxing Chair Grey
    Special Price AED 604 Regular Price AED 1,099
  4. Liam Right Corner Sofa Grey
    Special Price AED 3,899 Regular Price AED 5,999
  5. Icon Corner Sofa Grey
    Special Price AED 6,499 Regular Price AED 9,999
  6. Luana Bench Beige
    Special Price AED 244 Regular Price AED 349
  7. Manhattan Accent Chair Brown
    Special Price AED 1,000 Regular Price AED 1,999
  8. Lady Ann 1 Seater White
    Special Price AED 1,609 Regular Price AED 2,299
  9. Lady Ann 1 Seater Natural
    Special Price AED 1,379 Regular Price AED 2,299
  10. Sinclair 1 Seater Ivory
    Special Price AED 1,959 Regular Price AED 2,799
  11. Lady Ann 4 Seater White
    Special Price AED 2,650 Regular Price AED 5,299
  12. Kourtnet Accent Chair Multi
    Special Price AED 1,199 Regular Price AED 1,999
  13. Lowson 3 Seater Ivory
    Special Price AED 2,099 Regular Price AED 2,999
  14. Delan Ottoman Pink
    Special Price AED 419 Regular Price AED 699
  15. Kourtnet Accent Chair Ivory
    Special Price AED 1,399 Regular Price AED 1,999
  16. Timothy 1 Seater Ivory
    Special Price AED 1,379 Regular Price AED 2,299
  17. Justine 3 Seater Ivory
    Special Price AED 2,799 Regular Price AED 3,999
  18. Justine 2 Seater Ivory
    Special Price AED 2,449 Regular Price AED 3,499
  19. Icon 3 Seater Grey
    Special Price AED 2,999 Regular Price AED 4,999
  20. Timothy 2 Seater Brown
    Special Price AED 1,979 Regular Price AED 3,299
  21. Timothy 3 Seater Brown
    Special Price AED 1,900 Regular Price AED 3,799
  22. Timothy 1 Seater Brown
    Special Price AED 1,379 Regular Price AED 2,299
  23. Maxy 1 Seater Terracota
    Special Price AED 1,799 Regular Price AED 2,999
  24. Maxy 3 Seater Terracota
    Special Price AED 2,500 Regular Price AED 4,999
  25. Maxy 1 Seater Brown
    Special Price AED 1,500 Regular Price AED 2,999
  26. Maxy 4 Seater Terracota
    Special Price AED 2,975 Regular Price AED 5,950
  27. Ravene Left Arm 2 Seater Beige
    Special Price AED 1,979 Regular Price AED 3,299
  28. Nolan 4 Seater Sofa Light Coffee
    Special Price AED 1,998 Regular Price AED 3,995
  29. Ruslan Arm Chair Beige
    Special Price AED 475 Regular Price AED 1,899
  30. Maxy 4 Seater Brown
    Special Price AED 2,900 Regular Price AED 5,799
  31. Danny Left Corner Sofa Beige/Brown
    Special Price AED 3,149 Regular Price AED 4,499
  32. Grace Right Corner Sofa Beige
    Special Price AED 5,215 Regular Price AED 7,999
  33. Justine 1 Seater Ivory
    Special Price AED 1,609 Regular Price AED 2,299
  34. Justine 3 Seater Olive Green
    Special Price AED 2,399 Regular Price AED 3,999
  35. Ravene I Right Corner Sofa Bottle Green
    Special Price AED 5,249 Regular Price AED 6,999


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Discover the sofa and seating of your dreams!

Have you ever felt like you need a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life? 

We all strive for peace, which is why we need furniture that can create a sense of serenity in our homes. 

We have the best online collection of sofa set in the UAE. Transform your living space into a comfortable haven with our Sofa and seating collection.

Sofas and sofa sets

Sofas provide comfort and style and are often used to add personality to your home. 

Our selection of sofas includes everything from classic leather sofas to modern-day sofas that are a perfect choice for those who want to complement their living space with an elegant and luxurious sofa.

Spot your perfect sofa bed online in UAE with us.

Corner sofas

Corner sofas are a great way to make any room more inviting and cosy. They offer a small sense of privacy and a greater sense of comfort. The durability, versatility, and functionality of corner sofas make them exceptional for your living room.


Our collection of armchairs is what you need. Our armchairs will add a touch of class to any space. It is designed to bring comfort to your long day, and it doesn't need much maintenance.

Ottomans, Bean Bags, Pouffes

They are designed to fit into any type of décor. They come in suitable fabrics like linen, leather, or fabric in various colours.

Ottomans and Bean Bags offer function and style to your sofa or bedding, while the Pouffes provide the perfect option for a sitting arrangement.

Frequently Asked Questions:-


1. How to clean a leather sofa?

Spot clean with a damp cloth or sponge. Keep fabrics away from heat and sunshine to avoid fading. Seek the help of a cleaning service for the best results. Also, be sure to dust and vacuum regularly.

2. What kind of sofa is long-lasting?

Wooden frames made of maple, walnut or teak are ideal for sofas and couches. Linen and leather that are tightly woven are long-lasting fabric options as well.

3. What are the different types of sofa seatings available?

Spot on all the different types of sofa sets you can include with distinguishing designs in your living room like 1, 2, 3 & 4 seater sofa, Sofa bed, Corner sofa, L-type sofa set, Recliner types of sofa sets, Wooden sofa and Loveseats.

4. How can I make my sofa more comfortable?

Make your sofa comfier right away by following these tips:

- Re-plump cushions with foam inserts
- Re-cover sofa slipcovers 
- Springs can be firmed up with a wood support
- You can also add the cosy deluxe pillows

5. Where to buy affordable sofa seating in UAE?

A wide variety of top-quality furniture and home décor is available at OC Home in the United Arab Emirates. Get access to the best modern, contemporary furniture and affordable sofa seats in the UAE with a few clicks from the comfort of your own home.