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  1. Avella Grill Pan -28cm
    Special Price AED 89 Regular Price AED 119
  2. Avella Casserole W/Lid -24cm
    Special Price AED 119 Regular Price AED 159
  3. Avella Fry Pan -24cm
    Special Price AED 66 Regular Price AED 89
  4. Serina Grill Pan -28cm
    Special Price AED 93 Regular Price AED 135
  5. Serina Shallow Pot W/Lid -28cm
    Special Price AED 121 Regular Price AED 175
  6. Serina Casserole W/Lid -24cm
    Special Price AED 128 Regular Price AED 185
  7. Serina Sauce Pan -18cm
    Special Price AED 86 Regular Price AED 125
  8. Serina Wok Pan -28cm
    Special Price AED 114 Regular Price AED 165
  9. Serina Fry Pan -28cm
    Special Price AED 100 Regular Price AED 145
  10. Serina Fry Pan -24cm
    Special Price AED 79 Regular Price AED 115
  11. Maris Pot Set of 4pcs
    Special Price AED 10 Regular Price AED 19
  12. Maris Pot -170ml
    Special Price AED 5 Regular Price AED 9


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Master Culinary Creations: OC Home's Cookware Collection in UAE

Elevate your cooking experience with OC Home's Cookware Collection in UAE. Our carefully curated selection of cookware offers both functionality and style, providing the perfect tools for mastering your culinary creations.

Cook with Confidence using Durable Pots and Pans

Achieve professional results in the kitchen with our durable pots and pans, designed to withstand high heat and deliver exceptional cooking performance. Whether sautéing, simmering, or frying, our cookware sets are crafted for even heat distribution and superior cooking control. Choose from a variety of materials and finishes to suit your cooking preferences and needs. From classic stainless steel sets to non-stick ceramic options, our collection offers choices to fit any cooking style and kitchen decor. With our durable pots and pans, you can cook with confidence and create delicious meals that impress every time.

Prepare with Precision using Versatile Cooking Utensils

Equip your kitchen with versatile cooking utensils that help you prepare meals with precision and ease. From stirring and flipping to serving and plating, our cooking utensils are designed to handle a variety of tasks with efficiency and precision. Choose from a variety of utensils, including spatulas, spoons, tongs, and more, to suit your cooking needs. Crafted from high-quality materials and featuring ergonomic designs, our utensils are comfortable to use and built to last. With our versatile cooking utensils, you can streamline your cooking process and enjoy the art of cooking with precision and finesse.

Discover the perfect cookware to elevate your culinary skills at OC Home UAE. Shop now and master culinary creations with our exquisite collection of pots and pans, cooking utensils, and cooking accessories.