Adding nature to your home can help transform the ambience instantly! What’s more? They cater towards building liveliness and also a sense of comfort within your indoor setting. And if you’re looking for something that is easy to maintain - our artificial flowers, plants and fountains are the way to go! Pick from our vibrant collection to complete your home today!

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  1. Hydrangea Flower Set Burgundy
    Special Price OMR 0.900 Regular Price OMR 3.340
  2. Jadis Textured Planter 32cm-Gold
    Special Price OMR 13.500 Regular Price OMR 22.940
  3. Starlite Planter With Stand
    Special Price OMR 20.100 Regular Price OMR 28.710
  4. Starlite Tray With Stand
    Special Price OMR 18.400 Regular Price OMR 26.400
  5. Ruffled Fan Palm Tree W/ Pot 190cm
    Special Price OMR 32.000 Regular Price OMR 46.000
  6. Banyan Tree With Pot 180cm
    Special Price OMR 22.100 Regular Price OMR 32.160
  7. Bird of Paradise Tree With Pot 210cm
    Special Price OMR 34.500 Regular Price OMR 49.460
  8. Murano Cement Planter w/ Wooden Stand
    Special Price OMR 12.000 Regular Price OMR 17.180
  9. Eucalyptus Tree With Pot 180cm
    Special Price OMR 29.900 Regular Price OMR 40.230
  10. Bird of Paradise Tree With Pot 120cm
    Special Price OMR 14.200 Regular Price OMR 19.480
  11. Pleris Japonica Tree With Pot 180cm
    Special Price OMR 29.900 Regular Price OMR 40.230
  12. Peony Flower Purple
    Special Price OMR 2.400 Regular Price OMR 3.340

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Enhance Your Outdoor Oasis with Garden Decor from OC Home Furniture Oman

Transform your outdoor space into a tranquil retreat with OC Home Furniture's stunning collection of garden decor in Oman. Our curated selection offers a variety of options to elevate your garden's aesthetic and create a welcoming atmosphere.

Stylish Pots and Planters

Add charm and character to your garden with our collection of stylish pots and planters. Perfect for showcasing your favorite plants and flowers, pots and planters come in a variety of materials and styles to complement your outdoor decor. Choose from ceramic, terracotta, or fiberglass options to create a customized look that reflects your personal style.

Serene Garden Fountains

Create a soothing ambiance with our collection of serene garden fountains. Perfect for adding a touch of elegance and tranquility to your outdoor space, garden fountains offer the calming sound of running water and create a focal point in your garden. Choose from a variety of designs and sizes to enhance your garden's ambiance and create a peaceful retreat.

Lifelike Artificial Plants

Bring the beauty of nature into your garden with our collection of lifelike artificial plants. Perfect for adding greenery to small spaces or areas with limited sunlight, artificial plants offer low-maintenance beauty year-round. Choose from a variety of options, including artificial succulents, ferns, and grasses, to create a lush and vibrant garden that requires minimal upkeep.

Vibrant Artificial Flowers

Add color and charm to your outdoor space with our collection of vibrant artificial flowers. Perfect for adding pops of color to your garden or patio, artificial flowers offer long-lasting beauty without the need for watering or maintenance. Choose from a variety of blooms, including roses, tulips, and daisies, to create a colorful and inviting garden that brightens up your outdoor space.

Shop our exquisite collection of garden decor online or visit our showroom in Oman to explore our full range of products. With OC Home Furniture, you can elevate your outdoor space with high-quality and stylish garden decorations that transform your garden into a tranquil retreat.